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Start anytime with a drive in a Nissan Frontier. This is the only way to find out if this versatile pickup truck is for you. It is not too small or large. It is the right size for carrying loads. It moves families around the neighborhood, handles long distance traveling, and looks quite smart on special occasions. Models are versatile with flip-up seats in the rear. The 4×4 Frontier PRO-4X is priced at $32,780.


19/23 MPG
4CYL/V6 Torque-171/281
4CYL/V6 Horsepower-152/261

The Nissan 2018 pickup stands highly recommended when measured by price range. Matched with a smooth looking interior design the Nissan pickup truck is an all-around vehicle to own, if trekking through the back country or styling at the finest restaurants, the 2018 Nissan will carry you and anyone you choose as a passenger in style.

This mid-sized truck has detailed trims that hint at adventure. Go diving in the country, shopping or pull into the dock of a lumber company and you will find the 2018 Nissan Frontier is the truck for you.

This truck is priced for truck buyers. Prices sit far below most brands, and it offers sound value while adding useful amenities. Get this truck for almost $2000 less than some brands on the market. Starting at $18,900 the Frontier is the best buy on the market. It works just as hard as the bigger trucks but does not work your budget as hard.

The Toyota Tacoma sits at $25000. This makes the 2018 Nissan Frontier $6.000 less than this truck. The high-end Frontier sells for $32,000, and it is still priced $6000 to $8000 lower than the best Tacoma priced at $41,000 or Colorado at $41,355.

The 2018 Nissan Frontier has remained a strong contender in the truck market. It has held the amenities from 2017, yet made the necessary updates for a try stylish product.

These changes are carefully thought out in the design of this customer favorite. Listed as number three in truck sales in 2017, the Frontier faces off full-sized vehicles like the Ford F-150, Ram 1500, and Chevy Silverado. It ranked as number eight in overall sales against these heavy competitors.

The 2018 Frontier provides a list of vehicle basics, cruise control, Siri Eyes, 5.0-inch access panel, and Bluetooth. Frontier pickup trucks for the 2018 year have as standard, backup cameras. Everything about the Frontier is on point, with The Midnight Edition entering into the market as a 4X4 and 4X2 Crew Cab 5 seater. Decorative components enhance the look of this well-built vehicle.

S King Cab
S- $18,900
SV 4- Cylinder- $23,460
Desert Runner-$25,900
SV V6- $25,220
Pro- 4X- $33,030

Which Frontier is For Me?

Anyone of the two body types in the 2018 Nissan Frontier design gives customers two drivetrains (4×4 or 4×2), and two engines, with a selection of trims. Choose from the 6-foot or five-foot box (four doors or 2). The exception to this body style is the SV Crew Cab with the 13” wheelbase (6-foot 1-inch compartment).

2018 Nissan Frontier King Cab Models

The popular Frontier S King Cab begins in price at $18,990. It features a manual transmission. However, for $22,410 customers can get the automatic. It pulls loads up to 3,760 pounds and has a gas mileage usage of 19 mpg city/23 highway. This truck is a four-door with four doors.

Those preferring the Frontier S trim will find a fully equipped radio with CD player, 15-inch steel wheels, audio equipped with four speakers, and cloth seats. In addition, the back seat lifts for storage. For an additional $750, buyers get the Frontier S work truck package with bed rail cap, splash guards, rubber mats, and spray in bed liner.

This truck maintains the reputation of trucks with tough off-road abilities. It moves fast and handles trails easily. Built with an automatic transmission the Front Desert Runner King Cab carries 16-inch wheels made of aluminum, and Bilstein shocks. Ride comfortably in this truck with cloth seats and visible white-faced gauges. This two-wheel drive truck is an asset for active drivers.

The Frontier Pro-4X King Cab, list at the competitive price of $32,780, consumers can also obtain the 4×4 for great off-road performance. The SV V6 is sold with extras including an electronic locking rear.

Frontier Crew Cab PRO-4X completes the package with $2,100 in premium equipment. Relax and drive sitting on leather seats with a driver’s seat positioning 8 ways. Rear view mirrors stay clear with heat elements, and there is a moonroof. This vehicle is stocked with special items, with a fold-down armrest increasing comfort.

The Frontier SV V6 King Cab cost buyers with basic elements, $24,970 before additions. This truck moves with a 261 hp-V6 offering a 5-speed auto transmission.

2018 Frontier SV King Cab 4-cylinder

This truck is a smooth truck with an interior that feels luxurious; Satellite radio, power door locks, and auto key entry make this vehicle super nice at its $23,000 price tag.

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