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Tire service in Duarte, CA

Tire Service at Nissan of Duarte

You rely on your tires to carry you and your passengers where you need to go. Mile after mile, where the rubber meets the road, your tires provide reliable transportation. To keep them in good condition and to ensure your own safety, you should care for your tires with regular routine maintenance.



Tread and Inflation

The number one problem for tires is improper inflation. If you don’t keep the tires inflated to where they should be based on the manufacturer’s guidelines, you’re increasing the wear on them. Over-inflating is also hard on tires and can cause a blowout.

Tread is another important consideration with tires. As the tires travel over pavement and other surfaces, it causes wear on the rubber. The tread becomes thinner, which means the tire has less grip and can cause an accident. Adequate tread helps prevent slippage and allows you to stop sooner.

To know if you have enough tread, you can do the penny test. Place a penny inside the groove of the tire head first and see how far it goes. If the top of Lincoln’s head isn’t covered, you need to replace your tires.

You’ll also want to check the pattern of wear on your tires. The tread should wear down evenly. If one side wears more than the other or the center, you may have an alignment issue.

When you bring your vehicle to Nissan of Duarte for service, we’ll check for things like uneven tread. We’ll let you know the issue and provide an estimate for the cost to fix it.

Tire Maintenance

Many people never think about their tires until something goes wrong, like a flat tire. However, you can prevent some flat tires and other issues with tires by regular maintenance. For instance, have your tire pressure checked once a month. Get the tires rotated as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure they wear evenly.

You can bring your Nissan to Nissan of Duarte for a tread check, air pressure test, or to have your tires rotated.

When It’s Time for Replacement

Even with proper care, tires will wear out at some point. You can pick out a new set of tires at Nissan of Duarte. We carry a full selection of tires the right size for your vehicle. We offer the major brands at various sizes and prices to ensure we have something for every kind of buyer.

Our tires come with a warranty, which will vary, depending on the brand. You can find warranties from 30,000 to 80,000 miles with a wide range of prices. Our service team will mount and balance the tires to ensure a smooth ride. You can ask about any special discounts or other deals to save money.

Take care of your vehicle by caring for your tires. Stop by Nissan of Duarte for a quick tire tread or air pressure check or visit us to see our selection of new tires to fit your Nissan for a smooth ride.