Suspension Service in Duarte, CA


Suspension Service in Duarte, CA

Suspension Service at Nissan of Duarte

Your vehicle’s suspension system is a crucial part of your car that requires maintenance just like the tires, or brakes. The suspension helps support the overall control of your vehicle, offering a smoother, safer, and more reliable ride. While the suspension system does not require too much maintenance, understanding early warning signs for service is essential for keeping your car on the road. The service center at Nissan of Duarte is here to help Arcadia, Pasadena, and surrounding cities with all your service and suspension needs.


Your Car’s Suspension System

A vehicle’s suspension system is a protective lattice of shock-absorbing components like springs and dampers that helps your car drive smoothly and safely. The springs and dampers absorb the energy from various road bumps and other impacts while helping the tires sway in contact with the road. The main parts of a vehicles suspension system include:

  • Springs – these help control the height and load of the suspension and cabin
  • Shocks – also called dampers, help absorb various kinetic energy that your tires transmit when they make contact with the ground
  • Anti-Sway Bar – helps to shift the movement of your wheels in accordance with the steering wheel, stabilizing the car’s direction
  • Control Arms – these are hinged links that are connected to the steering system via ball joints
  • Ball Joints – provide pivoting movement between the steering knuckles and control arms

Your vehicle most likely has a suspension system for the front and back wheels and can either be independent or dependent. Suspension systems that are independent use your back or front wheels to move independently of the back or front axle. If the suspension is dependent, the wheel direction is bound by the axle movement.

Is Your Suspension Damaged?

Before you can detect what is wrong with your suspension system, you must first know what to look for, or what to feel for when driving your vehicle. Is your car taking longer to come to a complete stop? If your vehicle isn’t stopping or accelerating like it used to, and your brakes are in good condition, then you may have a suspension problem. Unusual clanking or squeaking is another sign of a damaged suspension. When the system is no longer absorbing the shock from bumps or dips, it can make unsettling noises. Lastly, if your vehicle pulls, drifts, or sways while driving straight, then it may be time to schedule service.

Is Driving with Bad Suspension Safe?

Since the suspension system contributes to the vehicle’s traction to the road when turning or braking, it would be dangerous to drive with a damaged suspension. There is an increased risk of rolling or not being able to stop quickly in an emergency when the suspension is damaged. In conclusion, having your suspension system regularly maintained is imperative to your safety on the road.

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