Top 10 Automotive Maintenance Tips

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What’s the secret behind the smoothest-running cars on the West Covina roads? A strong automotive maintenance schedule ensures that any car lives up to its full potential with great performance, better handling, and even safer travels. So, what are the automotive maintenance tips that you should know for the best ride possible? Let’s find out!

Top 10 Maintenance Tips

  1. Keep Records: Not only is it important to keep up with your automotive maintenance schedule, but you should keep records and receipts. This helps you keep track of each service – and a record of maintenance is also great for your resale value!
  2. Read Your Manual: Your owner’s manual is packed with information specific to your make and model, and it’s an essential resource for car owners. Be sure to browse through your manual for specialized tips and tricks.
  3. Use the Proper Gas: Whether you drive an eco-friendly sedan or a high-octane sports car, knowing what type of fuel to use is critical to getting the top performance out of your car. Your owner’s manual is a great place to look for recommendations!
  4. Inspect Your Car: It’s a good idea to inspect your car periodically. This helps you develop a baseline for what is normal, so if you notice any issues down the line, you can tell immediately.
  5. Check the Air Filter: Your air filter collects dust, dirt, and debris faster than you think. Keep an eye on your filter, so you know when to pop in a replacement.
  6. Check Oil Level: Using your car’s dipstick, take a look at the oil level and oil color periodically to make sure everything is normal. If your oil is dark or low, it’s time to schedule an oil change.
  7. Check Your Coolant: Your coolant is an important component of your car’s performance, so take a look at your coolant levels when you’re doing an inspection.
  8. Examine Your Tires: Check for air pressure, tire tread, and damage on all four tires – and find out how to make your tires last longer!
  9. Inspect Windshield Wipers: If you notice your wipers skipping or leaving streaks during El Monte downpours, head to Nissan of Duarte in Duarte to pick up a new set.
  10. Check Light Bulbs: Take a look at your lights to make sure you don’t have any burnt bulbs or damage, so you can drive through the darkest Pasadena roads with confidence.

Stay on Your Automotive Maintenance Schedule with Nissan of Duarte

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