Oil Change Service at Nissan of Duarte


Oil Change in Duarte, CA



Keep your Nissan Rogue or Nissan Frontier running smoothly and efficiently with regular oil changes at Nissan of Duarte. If you live around Pasadena or Los Angeles, you know your engine works hard in traffic. You can trust the service department at Nissan of Duarte to work with you to keep your vehicle providing reliable transport for many years.

The Importance of Regular Oil Changes

The oil plays an integral part in keeping the engine of your Nissan running. As a lubricant, it reduces the friction from the moving parts, which can lead to wear. The oil cycles through over and over, becoming less effective over time. At the same time, the filter does its job of keeping debris and dust out of the engine. Once the filter becomes clogged, it doesn’t allow the oil to flow through as easily. The result is that the engine must work harder, which increases wear and tear.

Oil and the filter should be changed at regular intervals as recommended by the manufacturer. If you fail to change the oil and filter, it can lead to more expensive damage to your engine. In time, it could cause a gasket to blow or the engine to lock up. A new engine can cost thousands of dollars to replace. An oil change is much less costly and time-consuming.

Premier Care at Nissan of Duarte

The service team at Nissan of Duarte provides fast oil changes around your schedule. We use the recommended oil and genuine OEM parts for the filter to ensure optimal performance.

Another benefit of regular oil changes is that the service technicians will perform an inspection of your vehicle, checking belts and hoses, brake pads, and other components. If they notice any wear and tear or parts that need to be replaced, they will let you know. Without a regular inspection, you could end up stranded when a part stops working.

Convenient Care at Nissan of Duarte

Schedule your oil change when it fits into your schedule. You can go online to set up the appointment on the day and time that works best. You can even drop by for same-day service whenever you have a few free minutes. Sit and relax in our comfortable waiting area while our technicians take care of your Nissan.

If you don’t have time to wait, our shuttle will take you to work or home until the job is done and bring you back to the dealer. When you keep up on your oil changes as outlined in your owner’s manual, you maintain the value of the vehicle. Nissan of Duarte keeps a record of service to prove that your vehicle has been maintained as recommended by the manufacturer.

Enjoy years of dependable service with your Nissan when you care for it with routine oil changes. Don’t trust any shop with your vehicle. Let Nissan of Duarte and our certified technicians maintain your Nissan. Stop by today or schedule an appointment for our premier oil change.