Nissan Safety


Are Nissan Vehicles Safe?


Nissan’s commitment to safety continues with each new model as more advanced technology is added to prevent accidents and partner with the driver. At the same time, these models are designed to protect passengers as they become better able to withstand impact.

Nissan Safety Shield 360

This suite of features continually monitors your surroundings in front, behind, and along the sides. It not only warns you of potential problems, but it can also step in and take over when necessary to keep you safe.

Included with this package is automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection. This system provides visual alerts and audio warnings while applying the brakes when necessary to avoid an accident. Rear automatic braking helps you stop faster when an obstacle is detected. Rear cross-traffic alert warns when another vehicle approaches from behind.

Blindspot warning lets you know when it is safe to switch lanes while lane departure warning alerts you if you start to drift accidentally. High beam assist dims the lights automatically to oncoming traffic.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility Safety

Taking safety a step further, Nissan adds optional features for added driving confidence. Intelligent forward collision warning alerts you to a potential situation ahead to give you more time to slow down.

Intelligent lane intervention helps you stay between the lines and detects when you cross to help guide you back in place. Intelligent backup intervention can engage the brakes when another vehicle gets in the way as you start to reverse. Intelligent blind spot intervention applies the brakes if another vehicle is in your blind spot as you attempt to move over.

ProPILOT Assist

This system is designed to assist the driver on the road. Technology allows it to bring the vehicle to a complete stop, stay in place, and accelerate back up to speed. When used with the navigation system, it can predict traffic conditions ahead. Speed Adjust by Route makes it easier to slow the speed for sharp curves and off-ramps. Stay within the posted speed limit with Speed Limit Assist.

While ProPILOT Assist utilizes advanced technology to predict and protect, it does have certain limitations. It needs driver assistance with various weather conditions and on roads with poor lane markings. Unique traffic conditions may require you to take over on the road, such as when you approach toll booths or need a hard deceleration.

When an Accident Happens

Nissan knows that sometimes an accident is unavoidable no matter how diligent you are at the wheel. Thanks to the Nissan advanced airbag system, you’re better protected in a crash. Seat belt sensors adjust how fast the airbags inflate in an accident based on the size of the passenger.

Nissan vehicles are built to withstand impact and to help you stay safe in all kinds of situations and road conditions. As technology continues to advance, Nissan plans to be at the forefront to keep every driver safer.

To learn more about these safety features, stop by Nissan of Duarte and talk to our sales team. Take one of our models for a test drive and experience Nissan safety firsthand.