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Exotic styling is unmistakable on the 2018 Nissan GT-R. From the ground up, this technology powerhouse is pure joy for the performance fanatic. Since the debut in 2009, Nissan has poured every ounce of its considerable automotive know-how into this platform. The current iteration continues the growing heritage of this world-class sports coupe.

Nissan introduced a less expensive trim to the lineup. The “Pure” is under six figures, the high-performance powertrain still in place. Gearheads have fallen in love with the newest addition to the roster. The Pure trim loses the titanium exhaust and sound system. The savings will pay for track fees and maybe fuel.

The GT-R is track ready and dominates the competition. For 2018, Nissan looks to recapture the top class in Super GT. The GT500 category represents the fastest production vehicles on the market.

Four trim levels exist for the 2018 GT-R. Mechanical, electronics and performance remain the same for all levels. The NISMO edition is specially tuned for the track.

Pure: six-speaker audio system. Forged alloys and suede interior.
Premium: adds an 11 speaker Bose system and titanium exhaust.
Track Ready: Recaro seats, additional adhesive bonding. NISMO tuned suspension.
NISMO: body and suspension modifications. Aero kit and Alcantara steering wheel.
The powertrain for each trim is identical, until the NISMO beast. The engine is a 3.8-liter V6 producing 565 hp and 457 lbs of torque, out of the box. Nissan technology shines through, starting with the twin turbochargers. To improve gas flow and intake, each bank of the engine has its own turbocharger. Larger intercoolers alleviate heat more efficiently. Enhanced electronics eliminates turbo lag.

Gearheads and racing engineers are taking the GT-R platform to incredible heights. Horsepower levels of 1500 are commonplace; with absurd builds approaching 3000 horsepower.

Max RPM 7,100
Continuous variable valve timing
Aluminum block and pistons with plasma sprayed bores
Direct ignition system
Symmetrical dual intake
Each GT-R engine is assembled by hand in a clean room environment. The craftsman’s signature displayed on a small, but prominent plaque.

Breaking from conventional technologies, Nissan placed the transmission and transfer case to the rear of the automobile. This engineering marvel creates the worlds first independent rear trans-axle.

Features also include:

Brembo brakes, two-piece rear floating rotors
Wheels maximized for tire adhesion
Paddle shifting is no longer a novelty. Nissan is at the forefront of this emerging technology. The six-speed dual clutch transmission is lightning quick; shift is 0.15 seconds
Built for the track, the GT-R has groundbreaking technologies. The all-wheel-drive platform is one of the most advanced systems ever used in a road car. Traditional engineering splits the torque from front to back. Nissan’s advanced electronics provide for nearly 100% of available torque channeled to the rear wheels.

The GT-R, equipped with a Vehicle Dynamic Control system is an incredible piece of technology. In combination with all-wheel drive, the VDC electronics control the bias of the car. Continuously monitoring every system, the VDC compensates for driver difficulties by reducing engine speed or applying brake pressure.

The NISMO trim level includes every option available, it also is the priciest. The premium trim gives buyers the most options to pick and choose . Nissan has tweaked the GT-R in a lot of subtle ways.

0 to 60 in an impressive 2.7 seconds, putting the GT-R in supercar performance status. Activate launch control, floor the gas pedal and the computer handles everything else.
Top speed is a remarkable 195 mph.
Nearly every system on the GT-R is adjustable. Suspension, transmission and stability control put the driver in a precise comfort zone.
The NISMO edition considered one of the most impressive and exciting automobiles on the road. Performance enhancements to the GT-R are amazing. Each cylinder has it’s own ignition system. The fuel pump upgraded, which improves combustion. An oil scavenger pump has been added to keep oil flowing to the turbochargers.

NISMO’s suspension is a crown jewel for Nissan. Dampers on the front and rear, developed by Bilstein, improve handling and grip. Inspired by the GT500, the NISMO is equipped with forged aluminum wheels.

Aerodynamics on the GT-R NISMO are incredible.

Handmade carbon fiber rear spoiler.
Carbon fiber side sills.
Tapered rear bumper to keep downforce spread equally.
Carbon fiber trunk lid reduces weight.
The base trim to the track edition offers a track ready automobile to anyone willing to take on this beast. The NISMO edition continues to scorch the competition. Each year, Nissan adds to the rich heritage of the GT-R.

The 2018 edition delivers astonishing speed, from short bursts to top end. Only a few vehicles can be considered the competition. Developed with race tracks in mind, GT-R engineers have provided another year of mind blistering performance.

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