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Congratulations, Grad! We’re proud of you! You’re about to embark on a whole new phase of your life and that’s exciting news. You studied. You dedicated yourself to making it through college and you will surely reap the rewards from all of your hard work. We want to introduce you to the Nissan College Grad Program!

There are a lot of important preparations for you to make as you start to work towards your future after graduation. It’s time to start working to build up your professional resume, craft an online persona that can withstand the scrutiny of any HR department, and determine which path will be the right one for you to take. Big decisions loom ahead about where to invest your money, how to handle future disappointments and keeping your expectations in check.

It’s also a great time to start dreaming about all that your future holds. A career in your dream field could be right around the corner or even already here! Maybe you are more interested in investing in a long term relationship and starting a family. It’s also an ideal time to travel and explore the world. What is absolutely without doubt is that adventure awaits you. Without the constraints of school you’ll start accepting your more adult role in life and take on new responsibilities and challenges, in addition to coming to understand yourself on a deeper level.

As you envision your future, we hope you’re also envisioning yourself in the Nissan car of your dreams. Nissan cars are diverse and can fit the needs of any lifestyle. From the environmentally conscious Leaf to the Sports Rogue, we have a car that undoubtedly matches the vehicle you’re dreaming about for your future. We want to help you make bringing home your dream car a reality and that’s why we’re excited to tell you all about the Nissan College Grad Program.

The Nissan College Grad Program is a simple “No Haggle, No Hassle” Experience. Yes we really mean that. You deserve to buy a new vehicle with confidence and ease and that’s what you’ll get. You have access to pre-negotiated prices with all applicable offers in play. You may even be eligible for up to an additional $1,000 off the existing offers.

Perhaps you’re panicking right now because this offers sounds amazing but you haven’t had a chance yet to build up a credit history. No worries! We’re not going to leave you out to dry. You’ll still receive one of the best available rates we have.

We know that your new job may not have started yet or that you’re still working on establishing a budget for your lifestyle. That’s understandable and that’s why you can also secure a 90 day deferred payment option that allows you some time to get things squared away before you start making payment. It matters to us that you get a successful start.

We’re thrilled to offer this but there are some qualifications to meet in order to be eligible and we want to make sure you understand them upfront. Candidates will have graduated within twenty four months from an accredited United States two or four year university, college, graduate school, or nursing school. If you haven’t graduated yet, but have written proof that you will graduate within six months, we can accept that as well. Students that are currently enrolled in graduate school are eligible. It’s important that you’ll be able to make your monthly payments so we do require that you’re currently employed or will be employed within 90 days of financing approval.

Taking on a car payment can be a big deal so we do verify that you’ll make enough income to cover your normal living expenses as well as your car payments. Additionally, we want you to be covered for anything that might happen in the vehicle so automobile insurance is required. You will have to submit to a credit check and be approved.

Visit us at Nissan of Duarte. We’re excited to help you discover the right vehicle to make your dreams come true. There are a lot of beautiful Nissan vehicles to choose from and we’ll show you around, let you take a test drive and discover them for yourselves. Whether you’re looking for a vehicle to carry you through a long commute or one to transport your friends on the weekends, we’ve got what you’re looking for in our store. Once you’ve chosen the car of your dreams, we’ll work with you to make sure all of your paperwork and offers are in order and then you’ll drive off paying less than others for the same vehicle.

Contact us for more info and congratulations again on embarking on this new journey. We know you’re proud and you have every right to be. We hope you’ll celebrate your success and new degree with a brand new beautiful Nissan!

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