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The thrill of getting one of our new cars is quite exhilarating. You’re nervous, excited, happy and of course you want to keep it in pristine condition. You want to do all you can to make your Nissan last. Here we will look at how you can keep your new or even slightly used Nissan in tip top shape for many years to follow.

Ensure you are buying a car that does not have defects. There are many ways to check out the background of a car. One of the more popular options is to use CARFAX. Carfax, inc is known as a company that supplies background reports/history to businesses and even individuals. This can make finding the perfect Nissan easier, and of course, reduce the stress that you have bought a car that had been flooded in hurricane conditions in the past.

This is one of those things we all hate doing. But, it is also one of those things that absolutely must be followed. Regular maintenance ensure that your Nissan is always running at it’s absolute best. Regular maintenance of your Nissan will include, oil changes, spark plugs and wire replacement, tire rotation, windshield wiper replacement and checking of all fluids on a regular basis. There are an array of things that always need to be kept in check, so it is important to consult a professional if you are not familiar with everyday car care.

This is one of those things that is overlooked frequently. Considering that over half of the nation lives where there is snow and ice conditions, this is a point that should always be followed. Your Nissan can and will rust when exposed to the harsh road treatments of salt. The reaction in the metal will cause significant damage to the undercarriage and even the body of your Nissan when not sprayed off frequently throughout the winter. If you cannot keep up with a regular wash, it is suggested to look into rust protection or undercoating for your car. Keeping it clean also refers to under the hood and inside the car. Nothing makes a car lose it’s shelf life faster than dirty air filters, or the juice you dropped in the vent 3 months ago that never got cleaned up. Mare sure everything is kept up with in the clean aspect. It will only increase the likelihood that your Nissan will last even longer.

In the event that something terrible happens with your Nissan, you will need to repair it. It is vital that you do not skimp on the parts required to fix your car. Now this doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to fix your car. However, you want to make sure you are buying adequate car parts. Sometimes money is tight and it seems like a better option to hop down to the junk yard to purchase a used part. However, it is always better to replace a car with the part meant for it. Skimping on parts can mean that the replacement part could be defective, causing further damage, or the part could be completely wrong. No one likes to waste time replacing a part just to find out that it does not fit or that it is wrong. To avoid this entire situation, just buy the new part and avoid the junk yard.

Lastly, remember to take your time when starting your car. The mornings get quite hectic. The kids are screaming and late, your clothes aren’t dry or breakfast isn’t ready, whatever the reason–it seems we are always running out the door. However; when it comes to your Nissan, you will want to take your time pulling off. Motor oil, which lubricates part of the engine in your Nissan begins to settle and sink to the bottom over night. When you go to start your car in the morning, this oil is pulled back up and throughout the engine once more. However, pulling off before the oil has had enough time to circulate causes friction between engine components. Before pulling off, remember to take 30 to 60 seconds to allow the oil to heat up enough to circulate through all the engine components. This will keep your engine running smoothly, after all, oil is like blood to a car.

With these steps you can ensure that your Nissan will last longer. There is nothing better than getting the most out of your money. By following these simple procedures you can rest assure that your hard earned money isn’t being wasted. Remember if you have any doubts as to the correct handling of any of these steps, please consult a car professional who is trained to direct you through proper car maintenance.

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