Benefits of Owning A Hybrid/EV in California

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Owning A Hybrid/EV in California

There are many reasons why residents love living in California. But one that tops almost every person’s list is the amazing environment that is filled with natural beauty, wildlife, and great outdoor activities. The California lifestyle is all about taking full advantage of our exceptional outdoor living spaces. But along with this fantastic benefit comes some serious responsibility. We all need to work together to take care of our little corner of the planet. And one of the most significant ways you can help the cause is by owning a hybrid or electric vehicle. But before you shy away from this less traditional form of transportation, there are some other excellent benefits that you should know about.

Save The Planet and Your Time

We all know that traffic in California can be gridlock. But as a thank you for your choice to own a hybrid or EV, the state offers you the uses of the HOV lane with no restrictions. You don’t need to be carpooling. As long as you are in a vehicle that meets the emissions standards, you are welcome to jump in the diamond lane and get out of that stand-still traffic jam.

Free Parking Is Not Just in Monopoly

As another thank you to responsible drivers who own qualified fuel-efficient vehicles, several cities offer free parking. Currently, San Jose, Sacramento, Hermosa Beach, and Santa Maria all offer free parking options for hybrid and electric vehicles. Because this is such a popular program, other cities are considering similar plans. Check the DMV website for further information.

 A Break on Your Insurance

We all know that it can be costly to insure your vehicle. But in the State of California, many drivers are getting a discount for their environmentally-friendly vehicles. Some of the popular terminology to ask about when you are speaking to your insurance agent includes:

  • Hybrid Discount
  • Alternative Fuel Discount
  • Economy Vehicle Discount
  • Low Mileage Discount

Save A Ton of Money

Everyone loves to save some cash. But you might not be aware of all of the incentives out there for driving a “green” vehicle. However, when you see the list, you could be very excited about visiting Nissan of Duarte to get your new hybrid or LEAF.

  • Federal Tax Credit– How would you like to get a tax credit or $2,500 to $7,500 just for buying a new hybrid or EV? Check out the current qualifying vehicles and their respective tax credit amounts.
  • Clean Vehicle Rebate Project– This program offers rebate savings to drivers who purchase eligible electric vehicles and fall into the low to moderate household income range. The rebate could be as much as $7,000, and the Nissan Leaf is on this list.
  • Local Rebates and Incentive Programs- The state has compiled a comprehensive list of benefits offered to residents who are doing their part to drive clean. Currently, Pasadena offers up to $1,500.

To learn more about the benefits of hybrid or electric car ownership, visit the team at Nissan of Duarte.