Should I Buy a New or Used Vehicle

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2018 Nissan Rogue

Brand New Nissan vs Certified Pre-Owned

When it comes time to hit the road in a new Nissan, you may be wondering if you should purchase a new vehicle or go for something that has already traveled a few miles. It’s understandable that this is a question you’re considering. Purchasing a vehicle is a huge decision and you undoubtedly want to feel confident in your choice. There are pros and cons to both so you want to make sure you make the right decision. We’re here to break them down for you.

A New Vehicle

The idea of buying a new car can be really appealing for anyone. A new, shiny, fresh on the market car is something anyone would be proud to own. There are a lot of other considerations to take into account, though.

Safety and Reliability

A new car is going to be your most reliable bet for the near term. Because there is no wear and tear, your car will function at its absolute best. Whether you need it for a commute or for a cross country trip, you can depend on your vehicle to make the trip for you. Since your brand new car is accident and history free, you can also rely on it for safety metrics. While there is always a slim chance that any car can have a factory recall, you know that you are getting the latest and most innovative technology in car safety when you purchase a brand new car. If your concerns are specific or child related you can trust that you’ll be able to get the best technology on the market and tailor your vehicle to your needs.


Strides are continually being made in the area of fuel economy and with a new car you can be sure that this situation will work out to your advantage. While you may be paying a little more for the vehicle overall, you will save money on fuel. With fuel prices in constant fluctuation, you will worry less about how an unexpected price hike might affect your situation. Gain satisfaction in knowing you are helping the environment as the newest cars on the market are also more friendly for our planet. There are a lot of new Nissan vehicles that will meet this standard and we’d be happy to talk to you in depth about them.


There are more flexible options for financing a vehicle when you purchase a new one than when you purchase a used one. In general, it’s easier to secure financing for a new car rather than a used one. You might discover there are some choices that work more to your advantage in the long run. You may also be able to find some incentives based on your own position in life, whether you’re a student, active military and more. If you’re looking for flexibility when it comes to your financing options, notch a mark in favor of buying new.


It’s important to do research for any vehicle you’ll buy. Your lifestyle is unique and you need a vehicle that will align with your goals and needs. When you purchase a brand new car, you’ll have the option to study the latest reviews from a variety of sources. Detailed analysis and comparison reviews are available for the latest models to hit the market. When you buy new, you don’t have to be concerned with what a vehicle has already been through. Buying a new car means buying into the potential of it. It can be liberating not to have to worry about the past history of a vehicle.

Low Cost Maintenance

Maintaining a new car is relatively inexpensive as well. You won’t be dealing with any major repairs for awhile. You only need to be concerned with minor upkeep issues at a normal level of wear and tear such as wipers and brakes. A warranty will cover any major disasters that may arise for at least the first 36,000 miles. Since repair costs need to be made as they occur, this can offer a great deal of peace of mind as well as savings. If you know you won’t have the cash to fix any potential repairs soon, a new car might be a good bet for you.

Get the Latest Technology

Like having the newest technology in your car? A new car will give the latest options available to drivers. Whether you prefer voice recognition, parking assistance, or touch screens, you’ll be able to get the very latest advancements in your new car. If you haven’t owned a modern car for awhile, you’ll be surprised the ease and comfort this can add to the driving experience.

Show off Your Style

There’s little in life that is as fun as flashing your style and that’s something you can absolutely do with a new car. Who doesn’t love driving a fresh off the lot car around town? It can be a status symbol and it can also boost your confidence on the road. Don’t downplay this important aspect of new car ownership, even if it doesn’t practically figure into your considerations.

Pre-owned Vehicle

Buying a new car sounds pretty great, but again every situation is unique. It is possible that taking home a preowned Nissan might be more to your advantage.


It’s no secret that new cars lose their sticker value quickly. In fact, a new car may lose up to 50% of it’s value within the first three months. That can be a tough pill to swallow. So if you were looking to a new car as a straight up investment, you may want to reconsider looking at it this way.


There are a lot options to choose from when it comes to buying a used car. If you’re looking for a car that isn’t available anymore or has features you can no longer find, the used market is going to be your a great option for you.

Available Data

Once a car has been on the market for awhile, you have a better chance of seeing how consumers have used it, liked it, and responded to it. You’ll understand the typical problem areas that the majority of owners face and you can decide if they will be manageable or a dealbreaker for you. Various sites provide even more data and you can pull a detailed vehicle report on a car you’re seriously considering.

Save Money Overall

In addition to the fact that you will save money by purchasing a preowned vehicle, you also have the opportunity to save money on insurance costs. This can even be a benefit that surprises you when the used car isn’t that old but still more affordable to insure than a brand new one. Add onto that the fact your registration fees will be cheaper for a used car and you’re in a good shape to save money!

Get Some New Car Benefits

If you purchase a car that is still relatively new, you may even inherit some of the existing warranty when applicable. Check your contract details or inquire at the dealership! We’ll be happy to talk about that with you. This can be a huge money and time saver for you.

Cars Last a Long Time

As technology improves, so does the length of a car’s life. You can still get several years out of a used car that is well maintained. Worrying that your used car will die an early death is no reason to shy away from a used car purchase. Cars last well past 100,00 miles

A Car with Character

While a new car may be customized and tailored to your lifestyle, a used vehicle comes with its own character. Instead of showing off a flashy style, instead you drive a car with personality and history.

There is no absolute truth or right or wrong answer when it comes to buying a new or used vehicle. The right answer is going to depend on your own financial situation and your goals for your new (or new to you!) car. We’d be happy to help you with any more questions you may have about what the right vehicle choice is for you. Call us today!

Nissan of Duarte College Grad Program

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Nissan of Duarte College Grad Program

Congratulations, Grad! We’re proud of you! You’re about to embark on a whole new phase of your life and that’s exciting news. You studied. You dedicated yourself to making it through college and you will surely reap the rewards from all of your hard work. We want to introduce you to the Nissan College Grad Program!

There are a lot of important preparations for you to make as you start to work towards your future after graduation. It’s time to start working to build up your professional resume, craft an online persona that can withstand the scrutiny of any HR department, and determine which path will be the right one for you to take. Big decisions loom ahead about where to invest your money, how to handle future disappointments and keeping your expectations in check.

It’s also a great time to start dreaming about all that your future holds. A career in your dream field could be right around the corner or even already here! Maybe you are more interested in investing in a long term relationship and starting a family. It’s also an ideal time to travel and explore the world. What is absolutely without doubt is that adventure awaits you. Without the constraints of school you’ll start accepting your more adult role in life and take on new responsibilities and challenges, in addition to coming to understand yourself on a deeper level.

Envision Your Future

As you envision your future, we hope you’re also envisioning yourself in the Nissan car of your dreams. Nissan cars are diverse and can fit the needs of any lifestyle. From the environmentally conscious Leaf to the Sports Rogue, we have a car that undoubtedly matches the vehicle you’re dreaming about for your future. We want to help you make bringing home your dream car a reality and that’s why we’re excited to tell you all about the Nissan College Grad Program.

The Nissan College Grad Program is a simple “No Haggle, No Hassle” Experience. Yes we really mean that. You deserve to buy a new vehicle with confidence and ease and that’s what you’ll get. You have access to pre-negotiated prices with all applicable offers in play. You may even be eligible for up to an additional $1,000 off the existing offers.

Perhaps you’re panicking right now because this offers sounds amazing but you haven’t had a chance yet to build up a credit history. No worries! We’re not going to leave you out to dry. You’ll still receive one of the best available rates we have.

We know that your new job may not have started yet or that you’re still working on establishing a budget for your lifestyle. That’s understandable and that’s why you can also secure a 90 day deferred payment option that allows you some time to get things squared away before you start making payment. It matters to us that you get a successful start.

We’re thrilled to offer this but there are some qualifications to meet in order to be eligible and we want to make sure you understand them upfront. Candidates will have graduated within twenty four months from an accredited United States two or four year university, college, graduate school, or nursing school. If you haven’t graduated yet, but have written proof that you will graduate within six months, we can accept that as well. Students that are currently enrolled in graduate school are eligible. It’s important that you’ll be able to make your monthly payments so we do require that you’re currently employed or will be employed within 90 days of financing approval.

Taking on a car payment can be a big deal so we do verify that you’ll make enough income to cover your normal living expenses as well as your car payments. Additionally, we want you to be covered for anything that might happen in the vehicle so automobile insurance is required. You will have to submit to a credit check and be approved.

Take the following steps to enroll in our program

Visit us at Nissan of Duarte. We’re excited to help you discover the right vehicle to make your dreams come true. There are a lot of beautiful Nissan vehicles to choose from and we’ll show you around, let you take a test drive and discover them for yourselves. Whether you’re looking for a vehicle to carry you through a long commute or one to transport your friends on the weekends, we’ve got what you’re looking for in our store.  Once you’ve chosen the car of your dreams, we’ll work with you to make sure all of your paperwork and offers are in order and then you’ll drive off paying less than others for the same vehicle.

Contact us for more info and congratulations again on embarking on this new journey. We know you’re proud and you have every right to be. We hope you’ll celebrate your success and new degree with a brand new beautiful Nissan!


Is It Safe To Submit An Online Credit Application On A Dealership’s Website?

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Submit Credit App Online

Nissan Dealers Online Credit Applications Have Your Safety in Mind

When it comes time to purchase a new vehicle, securing financing is top of mind for any consumer. It’s a huge expense and very few people can purchase a vehicle outright. Is it really safe to fill out a credit application directly on a dealership’s site, though? Given how easily our data can be mishandled this is a legitimate concern.
At Nissan of Duarte, we take the utmost care with your information. Nissan dealers online credit application have your safety in mind. It’s important to us that you trust us and know that when you submit your information online, we’ll handle it with care. But we know you may visit other dealerships in the process, so we want to make sure you have all the information you need to make the right decision.

Nissan Dealer Online Credit ApplicationFilling out a credit application online is easy. Oh the ease of it all! While it may never be fun to apply for credit, when you fill out an application online it takes some of the tediousness out of the process. You have everything you need right there and you can avoid the external pressures that might be imposed by a finance person when filling out the application in person. It can also give you a clear picture of your situation so that you know what your circumstances will be when you do enter the dealership.

It’s exciting to use this convenient method to take care of one of the most important steps in the car buying process. However, it might seem too good to be true for some people. Everyday we hear more stories about data breaches and how our information has fallen into the wrong hands. If this is a concern of yours, we want to help you understand some of the ways you can be sure your information is being handled appropriately.

Is the site secure?

The easiest way to know if your data will be safe is by checking to see if the site is secure. You can do this by looking for the padlock in the search bar near the domain. Additionally, you can look at the url itself and see if there is a “s” after the http. These are indications that the site is secure for transmitting data. Anytime you enter any sensitive information on a website you should make these are present. If they are not, you absolutely should not enter any information that you don’t want shared with the masses or susceptible to criminal activity.

Is the site legitimate?

A lot of criminals will do their best to make their sites look like a legitimate site by altering the domain name to be very similar but different from a well known and trusted site. For example they might replace the letter “o” with a zero or something similar. It can be easy to miss changes like this so it’s always a good idea to double check that you’re on the right site.

Is the company real?

Chances are, you already know a dealership is legit, but in any other case of entering sensitive information you also want to make sure that the site where you’re about to enter your information is a real business. You can check some basic things like the address and phone number on the site.  Look also to make sure there is a privacy policy on the page so you know exactly how the business will be using and storing your information.

Remember that Paper Applications also Carry Risk

While paper is mostly a thing of the past, if you do happen to fill out a paper application, you should be aware that it carries its own kind of risk. You are trusting employees to handle your information confidentially through every step of the process. If anyone forgets to properly file your information or leaves something on the copier or out on their desk, your information is also exposed.

Opt for Pre Approval

If giving out all of your information feels too daunting, you can choose instead to go for pre approval. This asks for just basic information that will give you a picture of what you can expect in the credit department when the time comes to finalize the purchase of your vehicle.
Regardless of how you choose to apply for financing, it’s important to us at Nissan of Duarte and any Nissan dealer that you know we take great care with your information. We use only the most sophisticated methods of encryption on our site and we keep abreast of continual changes in security technology so that you can feel confident when you apply for financing. Our site is secure and the process is easy. We also invite you to read our policy privacy before you entrust us with your information.

Filling out your finance application online makes the process of buying a car so much easier. Instead of dealing with a complicated system of sales, you can choose your vehicle, fill out your application, come to the dealership to finish the process, and enjoy your new car!


To Lease or Not to Lease?

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Dark red 4 door Nissan Maxima

Should I Lease or Finance a New Car?

It’s exciting when the time rolls around to bring home a brand new vehicle. Independence, change, and adventure await! There’s a lot to think about as well including how you want to pay for your car. So, should you lease or finance a new car?

When you visit your Nissan Dealer in Duarte for a brand new vehicle you have two options for taking home a new car. You can finance your vehicle or lease it. Choosing the best option for yourself depends on your own goals and life situation. Understanding what is involved in each will help you make the right decision.

Did you know that car leases account for 30 percent of all new car sales now? When you lease a car you make a down payment and agree to continue to pay a monthly fee for the length of the contract. When the contract is up, you can either purchase the car or return it and lease a new vehicle. Could leasing a vehicle be right for you?

Do you have a temporary job? Are you planning on growing your family in the next few years? Do you love the thrill of driving the newest vehicle on the market? If you answered yes to any of these questions than leasing a car might be the right option for you.

Limited Duration

A lease can make sense if you’re planning on expanding your family in the next few years but you’re not there yet. There’s no reason to buy a larger vehicle until the new family members arrive, but you might still need something new to drive. Instead of buying a brand new car, you can lease one for the time that you need it. Only going to be in the area for a few years? Consider leasing a vehicle for just the time that you need it. There’s no reason to get entangled in the purchase of a brand new vehicle if you won’t be using it for very long. Lease a vehicle for the time that you need it and when your time is up and your lease is up, you’ll be car free! There may be other life circumstances that would also lend themselves to needing a vehicle only for a limited period of time. Considering a lease may be an out of the box way for you meet your transportation needs.

A Taste of Luxury

Leasing a vehicle gives you the opportunity to experience the upgrade of a vehicle you might not be able to afford through traditional methods. Remember you are only paying for the car for the time that you have it, so make the most of it and lease a vehicle that gives you the thrill of a new luxurious vehicle.

The Thrill of Change

Leasing a car is an attractive option for someone who loves the thrill of a new vehicle every few years. If trying out the newest features and technologies in a car is up your alley, than leasing a vehicle will help you scratch that new car itch. A lease gives you the opportunity to upgrade your car every few years so that you get a chance to experience a newer vehicle. Explore the full Nissan car lineup this way. Enjoy the excitement of driving new and different kinds of vehicles when you lease. You will always be on top of the latest trends and cultivate a taste for what you really like.

An added perk is that you’ll be getting this vehicle for the best years of it’s mileage life. Enjoy driving a car only when it’s at it’s best.

Financial Freedom

If you frequently worry about having to make major repairs on your vehicle, you won’t have to worry about it with a lease. Warranty will cover any major repairs that pop up for the duration of the lease. But major repairs are unlikely to be a factor because the vehicle is brand new. You can feel confident that your car will be running smoothly for the time that you have it. Your overall monthly payment is lower with a lease as well. Enjoy spending your money on the things you want to spend it on because you’ll be spending less on a car payment. If you’re a business owner, a lease might also work to your advantage. You can deduct some of your lease payments if you drive the vehicle a lot for business. This can save you money that you can put towards something else.

Make the Commitment After All

Should you decide you like the vehicle, you can always choose to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease term. This is a great option for any vehicle you end up loving more than expected or if your circumstances change. We’ll be happy to discuss your options with you when the time comes.

Financing a New Car

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons that you might want to lease Nissan vehicles. What about financing a new vehicle, though? Is that still a great option? It might be the right choice for you.

Do you prefer long term security? Are you looking to make an investment for your future? Do you like the freedom of knowing you can drive as many miles as you need or that you can customize your car the way that you want to? If your answer is yes, than financing a vehicle might be the way for you to go.

Freedom to Drive

If you drive a lot of miles, have a hefty commute, or want the freedom to feel like you can come and go as you please, then you definitely want to consider financing your new vehicle purchase. Financing the car will keep you from having to set any limitations on how often you drive as you won’t need to pay any extra fines for exceeding a set limit of miles. Go on that cross country trip you’ve always dreamed about in the security of your own car.

Sense of Ownership

A huge advantage to financing your new car is that will you own it. Ownership can provide an increased sense of security when you are on the road and as you face any unexpected circumstances in life. A lease can be more difficult to get out of should something come up. There’s a great sense of pride in owning something as well. If you love having pride in your owned vehicle, you definitely want to consider financing.

Customization Options

Love customizing your car to fit your own personal lifestyle?  If the car isn’t exactly how you want it on purchase, you can make changes and alterations so that it better fits your needs and lifestyle. Go to town and make your car a beauty just for you! You own it so you can do whatever you want with it. You will also reap the value of any extra customizations for yourself when it comes time to sell the car. Be at home in your vehicle when you’re on the road!

No Need to Worry about Credit

In general, it’s easier to secure financing for a car you plan to buy rather than for a lease. So if you’re a little worried about your past credit history, you may want to focus on figuring out a way to buy a car. If you have money for a downpayment, that will help to lower your monthly payment and your overall costs.

Freedom to Wear and Tear

You don’t have to worry too much about any wear and tear that your vehicle experiences. It’s your car and while clearly it’s important to keep it in the best shape possible to retain value, you won’t have to pay any excess fees as you would with a lease. While you may be concerned about whether or not the vehicle will lose value when mishaps happen, you won’t be directly accountable for them in the immediate time frame.

Build Equity

While on the surface whether you lease or finance a new car may seem like a situation where you’re making payments each time, you’ll build equity with any financed car.

Sell at Any Time

When you finance your car, you can sell it any time depending on what is happening in your life. The car is yours and while you may still owe money on it, you might be able to use the money from the sale to pay off any of the remaining loan that you have. When leasing a car, you will discover that it might be costly to get out of the contract.

The final decision on whether or not to buy or lease a car is up to you. There are pros and cons to both and the best decision ultimately rests in what works for your own lifestyle. You shouldn’t be afraid of either option. At Nissan of Duarte, we want to help you make the right decision for your needs. We’ll be happy to talk through your options in more detail with you so that you can walk away with the perfect fit. Call us today!



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