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How To Make Your Nissan Last

June 30, 2018 / 60 / Blog, Tips
Nissan Emblem

The thrill of getting one of our new cars is quite exhilarating. You’re nervous, excited, happy and of course you want to keep it in pristine condition. You want to do all you can to make your Nissan last. Here we will look at how you can keep your new or even slightly used Nissan in tip top shape for many years to follow.

Ensure you are buying a car that does not have defects. There are many ways to check out the background of a car. One of the more popular options is to use CARFAX. Carfax, inc is known as a company that supplies background reports/history to businesses and even individuals. This can make finding the perfect Nissan easier, and of course, reduce the stress that you have bought a car that had been flooded in hurricane conditions in the past.

Always keep up with regular maintenance

This is one of those things we all hate doing. But, it is also one of those things that absolutely must be followed. Regular maintenance ensure that your Nissan is always running at it’s absolute best. Regular maintenance of your Nissan will include, oil changes, spark plugs and wire replacement, tire rotation, windshield wiper replacement and checking of all fluids on a regular basis. There are an array of things that always need to be kept in check, so it is important to consult a professional if you are not familiar with everyday car care.

Remember to keep it clean

This is one of those things that is overlooked frequently. Considering that over half of the nation lives where there is snow and ice conditions, this is a point that should always be followed. Your Nissan can and will rust when exposed to the harsh road treatments of salt. The reaction in the metal will cause significant damage to the undercarriage and even the body of your Nissan when not sprayed off frequently throughout the winter. If you cannot keep up with a regular wash, it is suggested to look into rust protection or undercoating for your car. Keeping it clean also refers to under the hood and inside the car. Nothing makes a car lose it’s shelf life faster than dirty air filters, or the juice you dropped in the vent 3 months ago that never got cleaned up. Mare sure everything is kept up with in the clean aspect. It will only increase the likelihood that your Nissan will last even longer.

Don’t skimp on parts

In the event that something terrible happens with your Nissan, you will need to repair it. It is vital that you do not skimp on the parts required to fix your car. Now this doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to fix your car. However, you want to make sure you are buying adequate car parts. Sometimes money is tight and it seems like a better option to hop down to the junk yard to purchase a used part. However, it is always better to replace a car with the part meant for it. Skimping on parts can mean that the replacement part could be defective, causing further damage, or the part could be completely wrong. No one likes to waste time replacing a part just to find out that it does not fit or that it is wrong. To avoid this entire situation, just buy the new part and avoid the junk yard.

Take your time

Lastly, remember to take your time when starting your car. The mornings get quite hectic. The kids are screaming and late, your clothes aren’t dry or breakfast isn’t ready, whatever the reason–it seems we are always running out the door. However; when it comes to your Nissan, you will want to take your time pulling off. Motor oil, which lubricates part of the engine in your Nissan begins to settle and sink to the bottom over night. When you go to start your car in the morning, this oil is pulled back up and throughout the engine once more. However, pulling off before the oil has had enough time to circulate causes friction between engine components. Before pulling off, remember to take 30 to 60 seconds to allow the oil to heat up enough to circulate through all the engine components. This will keep your engine running smoothly, after all, oil is like blood to a car.

With these steps you can ensure that your Nissan will last longer. There is nothing better than getting the most out of your money. By following these simple procedures you can rest assure that your hard earned money isn’t being wasted. Remember if you have any doubts as to the correct handling of any of these steps, please consult a car professional who is trained to direct you through proper car maintenance.

Nissan GT-R: 2018 Supercar

June 30, 2018 / 76 / Blog
2018 Nissan GT-R at Nissan of Duarte

Exotic styling is unmistakable on the 2018 Nissan GT-R. From the ground up, this technology powerhouse is pure joy for the performance fanatic. Since the debut in 2009, Nissan has poured every ounce of its considerable automotive know-how into this platform. The current iteration continues the growing heritage of this world-class sports coupe.

Nissan introduced a less expensive trim to the lineup. The “Pure” is under six figures, the high-performance powertrain still in place. Gearheads have fallen in love with the newest addition to the roster. The Pure trim loses the titanium exhaust and sound system. The savings will pay for track fees and maybe fuel.

The GT-R is track ready and dominates the competition. For 2018, Nissan looks to recapture the top class in Super GT. The GT500 category represents the fastest production vehicles on the market.

Four trim levels exist for the 2018 GT-R. Mechanical, electronics and performance remain the same for all levels. The NISMO edition is specially tuned for the track.

Pure: six-speaker audio system. Forged alloys and suede interior.
Premium: adds an 11 speaker Bose system and titanium exhaust.
Track Ready: Recaro seats, additional adhesive bonding. NISMO tuned suspension.
NISMO: body and suspension modifications. Aero kit and Alcantara steering wheel.
The powertrain for each trim is identical, until the NISMO beast. The engine is a 3.8-liter V6 producing 565 hp and 457 lbs of torque, out of the box. Nissan technology shines through, starting with the twin turbochargers. To improve gas flow and intake, each bank of the engine has its own turbocharger. Larger intercoolers alleviate heat more efficiently. Enhanced electronics eliminates turbo lag.

Gearheads and racing engineers are taking the GT-R platform to incredible heights. Horsepower levels of 1500 are commonplace; with absurd builds approaching 3000 horsepower.

Engine Technologies

Max RPM 7,100
Continuous variable valve timing
Aluminum block and pistons with plasma sprayed bores
Direct ignition system
Symmetrical dual intake
Each GT-R engine is assembled by hand in a clean room environment. The craftsman’s signature displayed on a small, but prominent plaque.

Breaking from conventional technologies, Nissan placed the transmission and transfer case to the rear of the automobile. This engineering marvel creates the worlds first independent rear trans-axle.

Features also include:

  • Brembo brakes, two-piece rear floating rotors
  • Wheels maximized for tire adhesion
  • Paddle shifting is no longer a novelty. Nissan is at the forefront of this emerging technology. The six-speed dual clutch transmission is lightning quick; shift is 0.15 seconds
  • Three Driver Modes

    Built for the track, the GT-R has groundbreaking technologies. The all-wheel-drive platform is one of the most advanced systems ever used in a road car. Traditional engineering splits the torque from front to back. Nissan’s advanced electronics provide for nearly 100% of available torque channeled to the rear wheels.

    The GT-R, equipped with a Vehicle Dynamic Control system is an incredible piece of technology. In combination with all-wheel drive, the VDC electronics control the bias of the car. Continuously monitoring every system, the VDC compensates for driver difficulties by reducing engine speed or applying brake pressure.

    The NISMO trim level includes every option available, it also is the priciest. The premium trim gives buyers the most options to pick and choose . Nissan has tweaked the GT-R in a lot of subtle ways.

    Technology Handles Everything

    0 to 60 in an impressive 2.7 seconds, putting the GT-R in supercar performance status. Activate launch control, floor the gas pedal and the computer handles everything else.
    Top speed is a remarkable 195 mph.
    Nearly every system on the GT-R is adjustable. Suspension, transmission and stability control put the driver in a precise comfort zone.
    The NISMO edition considered one of the most impressive and exciting automobiles on the road. Performance enhancements to the GT-R are amazing. Each cylinder has it’s own ignition system. The fuel pump upgraded, which improves combustion. An oil scavenger pump has been added to keep oil flowing to the turbochargers.

    NISMO’s suspension is a crown jewel for Nissan. Dampers on the front and rear, developed by Bilstein, improve handling and grip. Inspired by the GT500, the NISMO is equipped with forged aluminum wheels.

    Aerodynamics on the GT-R NISMO are incredible.

    Handmade carbon fiber rear spoiler.
    Carbon fiber side sills.
    Tapered rear bumper to keep downforce spread equally.
    Carbon fiber trunk lid reduces weight.
    The base trim to the track edition offers a track ready automobile to anyone willing to take on this beast. The NISMO edition continues to scorch the competition. Each year, Nissan adds to the rich heritage of the GT-R.

    The 2018 edition delivers astonishing speed, from short bursts to top end. Only a few vehicles can be considered the competition. Developed with race tracks in mind, GT-R engineers have provided another year of mind blistering performance.

    Is the Nissan Titan Really Worth Considering?

    June 29, 2018 / 56 / Blog
    Nissan of Duarte - 2018 Nissan Titan

    The answer is yes. If what you’re looking for is a decent, every day truck the Nissan Titan is worth taking home, especially if you plan to use it on a regular basis. Its full-size body, easy handling, and comfortable interior are perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time driving. If what you’re looking for is a work truck the XD model has excellent towing and load capabilities as well as fuel efficiency your gas budget will appreciate.

    Should You or Should You Not Buy a Nissan Titan?

    Since being redesigned in 2017 the Titan more than holds its own in the full-size truck market. Many truck enthusiasts find improved performance via new engine design, a 7-speed automatic transmission, bold good looks, and base affordability a hard combination to walk away from. Following are a few more reasons to park a Nissan Titan in your spot.

  • Engine – The Redesigned engine is capable of 390 horsepower, 394 pound-feet of torque, and has a towing capacity of over 9,000 pounds. This engine will not let you down on the up-hill side of a long haul.
  • Electronic Locking Tailgate – Makes it easy to keep your load safe and secure until you need it. Storage compartments in the bed offer plenty of room to keep smaller items in place.
  • Quick Acceleration – The Titan weighs nearly 6,000 pounds but even so weight doesn’t keep it from being satisfyingly responsive in day to day driving conditions. It only needs 6.0 seconds to go from zero to 60 mph so when you need to pass and don’t have that much distance to work with if you’re driving a Nissan Titan you’ll make it with room to spare.
  • Maneuverability – Handles well and feels stable even while turning at speed.
  • Off Road Dream – Any Titan can handle a little off-roading but if you love a challenge the Pro-4X is for you. In this model Bilstein off-road shocks, a steel skid plate, electronic locking rear differential, downhill control, and all-terrain tires are more than ready to get you up and down the most difficult trails.
  • Loaded with Curb Appeal – Appearances may not have anything to do with performance but having other people stare at your truck as you drive by never hurt anything either. The Titan looks just as good parked at the nicest restaurant in town as it does on the job site.
  • Features That Keep You Safe – Around view monitoring makes parking a Titan in tight spaces as easy as if it were an economy sized sedan instead of a big truck, and blind spot monitoring takes the danger out of changing lanes on a busy road.

    Rider Friendly Comfort and Impressive Upgrades

    If you have ever had to squeeze into the back seat of truck that only has two doors, then you already know the value of the roomy 4-door design of the Titan. Riding for long distances in this truck is no hardship because the seats are so comfortable it feels just like riding in a luxury sedan. With a DVD entertainment system, excellent speakers, advanced drive-assist display, and navigation all you need to do is tell the Titan where you want to go then sit back and enjoy the ride.

    New or Used, The Base Model Is A Bargain

    There is a reason the Nissan Titan has so many fans. Compared to its competition, the Titan comes standard with the kind of goodies other brands make you pay extra for. Six-speaker stereo system, smartphone integration, Bluetooth technology, and a color display screen are what you can expect and all for about $34,500. Considering the total package and what you’re getting for your money, the question of whether or not to buy a Titan answers itself.

    There haven’t been any major changes since its redesign in 2017 and none are planned for 2018 so it’s safe to say if you’re looking for a good used truck the Nissan Titan is worth a second and third look. Some Auto brands must come up with something new every year just to keep consumer interest but not Nissan. The Titan is good to go just as it is so until the next tech miracle comes along why mess with perfection?

    Buying used makes some people nervous but when the truck in question is a Titan there’s no reason to be. As long as the previous owner kept to a regular maintenance schedule that truck is going to keep on going for years to come. If you’re still undecided keep in mind that quality speaks for itself when it’s time for a new truck. You may want to use your Titan as a trade-in at some point in the future and your chances of getting a better deal increase when it’s a Nissan.

    2018 Nissan Murano Overview

    June 28, 2018 / 87 / Blog
    2018 Nissan Murano midnight black

    When looking for a vehicle consider the 2018 Nissan Murano. It is a great midsize SUV. There are wonderful standard features and many more options to add to personalize it for the buyer. Whether for yourself or the family, the Murano is a good choice.

    Murano’s Cost
    The Murano is a fantastic vehicle to consider when purchasing a new ride. It ranges in cost between $30,800 to $42,230. This is the lowest beginning price in its class range, a great value for price.

    Murano’s Competition
    The Murano has some competition in its area. However, it handles great and has higher safety scores than its competitors. There is also amble passenger space for a midsize SUV. The Murano stacks up next to its competitors and surpasses them in many areas.

    Murano’s Seating
    The Murano will seat five riders comfortably. It has either cloth or leather seats. The front seats are heated and ventilated. There is heated rear seating too. There is also a heated steering wheel, no more will your fingers freeze in the wintertime. NASA-inspired technology called “Zero Gravity” is integrated in the seat cushions and contours. Great detail and care has been put into crafting the seating in the Murano.

    Murano’s Car-seat Rating
    The Murano rear seats come with the LATCH child car-seat connectors. There is an upper anchor on the middle rear seat to attach the car seat. This system for car seat attachment is rated ‘acceptable’ by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, This rating is the second best score that is possible. This will make child seats easy to attach and safe too.

    Murano’s Luxury
    When you sit inside the cabin of the Murano, it is luxurious. First rate materials have been used to create comfort in the interior. There are no plastics in the interior that are hard touch, unlike many of its rivals. It has an upscale feel.

    Murano’s Cargo Space
    This midsize SUV has plenty of cargo space. When the rear seats are folded down, it is up to 67 cubic feet of space. When the seats are down, the floor becomes flat. With it being low, it makes loading heavy cargo easier. This versatility makes the Murano usable in many facets of life from camping, to hauling, to vacations.

    Murano’s Bells and Whistles
    The Murano is loaded with bells and whistles. It comes standard with the NissanConnect infotaiment system. This features an 8-inch screen, Android and Apple smartphone integration, Bluetooth, and navigation. The system is driver friendly with frequently used settings remaining on the screen.
    More Options:
    Blind Spot Warning
    Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel and Shifter
    Remote Engine Start
    4 Way Power Front Passenger Seat
    Fog Lights
    7 Exterior Color Choices
    Heated Outside Mirrors
    Intelligent Around View Monitor
    Intelligent Driver Alertness
    Intelligent Cruise Control
    Roof Rail Crossbars
    Cargo Package
    Kick Plates
    Hatch Tent
    Tow Hitch
    Retractable Rear Cargo Cover
    Trailer Tow Harness
    Impact Sensor
    Cargo Net
    Wheel Locks
    Cargo Organizer
    Wireless Smartphone Charger
    Nissan WIFI and Apps
    Emergency Road Kit
    First Aid Kit
    Seat Belt Extender
    Murano’s Engine
    This SUV has a 3.5 liter V6 engine. It is great for town driving and highway cruising. An automatic transmission comes standard in it. It makes for a smooth ride with 260 horsepower.

    Murano’s Feul Efficiency
    Fuel efficiency is one of the Durano’s best features. It gets an EPA of 21mpg for city driving and 28mpg for highway driving. No other SUV can beat that. You will not be stopping at the gas station all the time.

    Murano’s Driving Reliability
    The Murano is rated by J.D. Power a 3 out of 5 for predictable reliability while driving. This is considered an average rating. So, the Murano is fully reliable too.

    Murano’s Daily Commute
    Overall the Murano gives a daily commute that is comfortable. It is not as sporty as some of its competitors, but more elegant and composed. It has a wide turning radius. Standard on the Murano is front wheel drive. All wheel drive is available as an option.

    Murano’s Warranty
    The 2018 Nissan Murano has a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty. The powertrain is covered by 5 year/60,000 mile warranty.

    The Murano is just a fantastic midsize SUV. It is power packed in luxury for the cost. The Murano is good for the occasional adventurer or the family ride.

    9 Reasons To Buy A Nissan

    June 28, 2018 / 62 / Blog
    2018 Nissan Sentra

    Summer is here and there is no better time to enjoy it then with driving a quality car. With much competition around, there is no shortage of options available. With this being a case there are nine reasons to buy a Nissan as your automobile of choice.


    Anytime the name Nissan is spoken, the first thing that usually follows is that a Nissan is very dependable and long-lasting. For 470 plus years, Nissan has been the emblem of quality and magnificence in the automotive industry. With having high-quality centers around the world to test out the automobiles, Nissan is truly setting the standard for what it means to manifest high-quality vehicles that suit the interest of the consumers.


    The Safety Shield concept is a trademark of Nissan and one to be noticed. With three separate functions to ensure the safety of all the occupants in the vehicle. With a Monitor, this allows the driver to be alerted of any potential danger by detecting them for the driver. Respond is a function designed in the Nissan vehicle to help the driver by enforcing response controls that are very dynamic. Protect is the last part of the three functions. With this part, Nissan uses highly innovated safety and restraint mechanisms to enhance the protection of all occupants of the vehicle. Monitor, Respond, and Protect are the three components of the famed Nissan Safety Shield.


    With having Nissan Connect Technology, this is a system of audio, communication, and navigation into one place on the dash. This new technology even allows for the integration of apps from your mobile device with the Nissan Connect system. This is definitely the standard of hands-free control while driving an automobile.


    When it comes to showing off in style there is no better choice than Nissan. From having the sleek Nissan Altima to the luxurious and sporty Z line, you are sure to feel magnificent and confident as you drive either choice. But the origination doesn’t stop there because the overbearing and tough Nissan Armadas and Titans are definitely showstoppers and rulers of the road as well. For the off-roading extraordinaire, the Nissan Xterra is definitely the choice of excitement for the high hills and terrain.


    Pure Drive is the Nissan originated mark of approval. This means that each Nissan that has the Pure Drive stamp is made to decrease CO2 emissions as well as having a lower consumption of fuel. As Nissan continues to create new designs, the automotive giant is committed to engine efficiency as well by aiming such focus on the recovery systems of the engines in all models. With such a mark, Nissan has taken the world stage when it comes to automobile efficiency, satisfaction, and a commitment of excellence to the environment.


    Nissan has always held the crown when it comes to dependability in each vehicle. Having value in every design, Nissan only uses the highest quality materials to build awesome vehicles. With technology advancing the world over at a high pace, Nissan is committed to keeping up with such trends. Adding great technology into each vehicle, Nissan also combines affordability as well. To have a greatly designed vehicle with the latest technology at an affordable price is nothing short of amazing today.


    Whether a long trip or a short drive, it is not desirable to be cramped inside a vehicle. With Nissan’s chief designers, this concept has always been at the forefront when such cars are designed. Having very comfortable and back supportive front seats to those sitting in the back of the vehicle having great legroom are manifestations of excellence in designs. This was all done with an understanding that not just children ride in the backseat.


    Aside from the iconic sedans of the Nissan family, the carmaker also has some rather fun and exciting vehicles in their lineup as well. With the Nissan 370Z, this is sure to be your favorite vehicle if you are on an open highway or driving around winding roads. The 370Z is a choice for the sports car admirers and has always made eyes open and heads turn when arriving on the scene.


    Reviews are always a good thing to take a look at when deciding to purchase a new vehicle and Nissan is obviously the choice of champions. With many 5-star reviews for each model, Nissan has employed every means possible to bring about the ultimate customer experience. From having cutting-edge technology to a highly rated fuel economy system that is designed to consume less fuel and provide travelers with more distance per gallon of gas, Nissan has done everything possible to leave drivers with a feeling of awe and satisfaction upon deciding to purchase a Nissan vehicle.

    Nissan of Duarte Podcast Episode 1: We are Breaking Ground

    June 28, 2018 / 55 / Podcast

    In a move that is rare for a car dealership, Nissan of Duarte is proud to announce a monthly podcast you subscribe to. Find out about what makes this dealership different from all the others. Listen to it or read the transcript below.

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    S1 00:01
    All right. So, Wednesday Wisdom today, really excited, man. So, we’re kind of breaking ground here. We’re at Nissan of Duarte doing their first official podcast. I’m with Samantha Sanchez. Say hi, Samantha.
    S2 00:18
    Hello everybody.
    S1 00:20
    So, Samantha runs the BDC Internet Department. I thought she’d be a perfect person to runs this podcast with only because number one, she’s full of energy. She’s the Energizer Bunny which is fantastic but beyond that, Sam really just got in the industry here recently ago which we’re going to kind of get some of her backstory here in a minute but really interesting perspective on the car business. So, what we’re trying to do with these podcasts is just bring some light into an industry that historically unfortunately just hasn’t been very transparent. I believe that is gone. Doing business that in that way in the dealer space, in my opinion, in the current state is just not going to work anymore. So, the days of general managers and sales managers that are behind a sales tower in a sales office and they never come out and you never meet them and you don’t even know if they’re really alive or breathing. Is that person really there or not there? Those days to me are over. People want to see transparency and let’s face it, man, buying a car and that process still has some friction and so forth and so on. So, what we’re trying to do with these podcasts is really kind of dive into the dealer world and kind of see ins and outs and kind of how technology is affecting this particular space. So, with that being said, Sam, talk to me a little bit about– first of all, give me your background. What is your background and how did you actually get wrapped up in this cockamamie business?
    S2 02:04
    So, I was in college at Cal State LA and I was studying sociology for about four and a half, five years and I really couldn’t put my finger my on what I wanted to do forever if you will.
    S1 02:15
    Five years of sociology.
    S2 02:16
    Yeah. Five years–
    S1 02:17
    Did you flunk several semesters or [inaudible]?
    S2 02:20
    No. I got my bachelor’s. So, it–
    S1 02:21
    Okay. Fair enough.
    S2 02:22
    –took me two and a half years at Citrus College at JC and I transferred over to Cal State LA and I finished my bachelor’s at Cal State LA. I was a little bit confused on what I wanted to do and I was actually babysitting for a general manager and I was telling him, “I’m just ready to work. I’m determined. I’m motivated. I want something new that I could run with.” So, he said, “Wow, Sam. Come work at my dealership,” and that is my current general manager now, Jacob. So, he introduced me to the car business and this is basically how I landed that I’m here.
    S1 02:55
    And you’ve been hating him ever since [laughter]. Literally.
    S2 02:57
    Not hate. I’m enjoying the opportunities. There’s a lot to learn. So, I’m thankful that this dealership is showing me a new perspective and new opportunities from marketing, from Internet, from parts and service, taking care of customers. There’s just a lot going on here.
    S1 03:18
    So, talk to me a little bit about– so, you’re the perfect person to talk to because you’re not a 20 year industry veteran. So, you’re relatively new to the industry. Right?
    S2 03:30
    Seven months.
    S1 03:31
    Seven months. Right? So, in seven months, you’re probably already crazy. This business has already probably– because you look like you’re 50 already. It took seven months to get you from your early–
    S2 03:42
    23 to 50 [laughter].
    S1 03:43
    — 20s, 23 to 50. So, in the car business, we always talk about years are like dog years. For every one year in the car business is like seven dog years. Know what I mean?
    S2 03:52
    I’m quitting.
    S1 03:53
    Yeah. Exactly. So, talk to me a little bit about some of the things that, in this industry anyway, some of the things that you look at now and are like, “Man, I didn’t realize that this happened,” or, “I didn’t realize they put in that much time or effort. I didn’t realize–” like for example, the hours. Hours are long, right?
    S2 04:16
    Mm-hmm. Yeah. Definitely coming into this business, I definitely didn’t realize how much people work. I didn’t even know what a bell was and that people were [crosstalk]–
    S1 04:26
    What? You thought a bell was like ding like [crosstalk] like ding.
    S2 04:28
    Yeah. Like from school. It’s like come back to your classroom. I never even knew what a bell was. I was like, “What’s a bell? Why do you guys talking of dreading your bell? What is that all about?”
    S1 04:38
    Why are you so afraid of a bell? [inaudible].
    S2 04:41
    So, then I was like, “Okay. So, they’re working from opening to close.” So, what could possibly be going on from the dealership with these many hours? When I first started, I was a little bit overwhelmed on how to even start my day. Who do I talk to, who do I not talk to? How to even approach my customers to just not say the right– I didn’t ever want to say the wrong thing. The most shocking thing I would say is probably I didn’t realize how much time customers spend her at the dealership with the salespeople and how important it is for them build a rapport with their customer and get a little background and make their customer feel comfortable being here at the dealership. Considering that people aren’t coming here for just an hour, sometimes people are spending four to six hours here hanging out at the dealership. So, it’s like what do you possibly talk about or what’s going on in that process that’s taking six hours long? So, that was something kind of crazy to me. I’m like, “Okay. What’s going on,” just learning the basics of the process of selling a car and I am on the customer side if you will. So, I’m like, “What is the customer feeling,” and I always get feedback from the customer after the fact when they leave and I’m finding out a lot. People are just nervous to come into the dealership and to buy a care. I think the car process is a little bit frightening for people.
    S1 06:02
    S2 06:03
    Painful. Yeah.
    S1 06:04
    It is painful.
    S2 06:04
    So, it’s–
    S1 06:05
    [crosstalk] painful.
    S2 06:07
    It is painful. It is.
    S1 06:07
    Like when people say I’d rather go to the dentist than come to a car dealer, that’s problematic. Right?
    S2 06:13
    Yeah. For sure. Because nobody wants to sit here in the showroom for six hours.
    S1 06:17
    Okay. So, let’s talk about that– so, let’s talk about it. First of all, you’re scaring me the six hour bullshit. I’m never coming to your dealership to buy a car. So, let’s talk about that process. So, in your opinion, does that process need to be changed? Like the process of buying a car, does that process need to be changed?
    S2 06:43
    Yes. It’s 2018 and buying a car should be as quick downloading an app [laughter].
    S1 06:48
    Wow. Okay. All right. So, you’re like an Amazon experience buying a car. Right?
    S2 06:53
    I just think that the process needs to be more welcoming to outside people. A lot of people are scared to ask questions and first thing people are like, “Okay. Am I going to get screwed over by the salesperson,” and I don’t understand why people think like, “Oh, I don’t want to go in. They’re just going to screw me over,” and I’m just kind of just realizing why they feel that way. But I would say from an outsider like seven months coming in, something that needs to change in buying a car, the process would just to make it a little bit more exciting and more fun for the customer. A lot of customers do a lot of research online and there’s a lot for them to access and when they come in, they have already information if you will like that salesperson can’t win. I really don’t know how to explain this. They do so much research before the fact when they come and it’s like once the salesperson’s helping, it’s like, “Invalid. Invalid.” They don’t trust the salespeople.
    S1 07:53
    So, basically– because here’s reality the Internet has changed everything. Right? We can both agree with that, right? The Internet and technology has just changed everything moving forward. And let’s just be honest here, the consumer has the ability to pretty much research and look up everything and anything now as it pertains to a car deal from factory incentives to dealer cash to a price point on cars to what the dealer pays for that car. You know what I mean? So, the consumer has the option to do all that anyways already so it’s not like the consumer doesn’t have those options. See I think that to me that’s the biggest difference, the consumer didn’t have that option before. So, ultimately at this point, there is no reason for a dealership not to have a more transparent process anyways because the customer already has that info anyways. So, the least the dealer could do is make it easier at the store level. Right?
    S2 08:50
    Yeah. Definitely. The process needs to be quicker, more exciting, and we need a transition to make our customers feel more welcome and excited to buy a car and not feel frightened to come in here and to purchase a car.
    S1 09:06
    Sure. I hear you. So, let’s talk a little bit about– in the next episodes, we’ll get deeper into what that process is going to look like and how we’re going to do some of those things. I have some opinions just based on the fact that we’re in the tech industry now and I think ultimately all that’s going to change anyways because I think technology’s going to force the dealer to change anyways. You know what I mean?
    S2 09:35
    I agree.
    S1 09:36
    We’re just at that point ultimately at this point. So, talk to me a little bit about this particular dealership. So, let’s dive into Nissan of Duarte specifically. So, this dealer’s been around for a long time. It’s gone through changeover a few times and so forth and so on. So, talk to me a little bit about the Nissan brand. So, what can you tell me about the Nissan brand in general? Don’t tell me so much.
    S2 10:04
    The Nissan brand. For instance, I think the brand is pushing more to technology just in the vehicle itself and I can see their cars are getting a little bit more technical just from the simple fact of like the E brake. Technology’s just really advancing and it’s showing everything that we do on a day to day basis. Like our vehicles for instance, our vehicle’s technology’s just crazy.
    S1 10:32
    Like the new Leaf has some pretty–
    S2 10:33
    E brake.
    S1 10:34
    Like it’s got some pretty nifty stuff, right? I mean ultimately, right?
    S2 10:38
    Right. So, now the 2018 Leaf I want to say with an eight hour a charge, we doubled the mileage from 2017 to 2018. So, Nissan’s Leaf goes about 150 miles now on a full charge which is pretty great. The E brake is something else. It helps driver fatigue. So, in stop and go traffic, the driver doesn’t really need to put their foot on both pedals. They only need to use one because the car’s starting to sense how close another vehicle is within and it gradual starts to brake and it even can come to a complete stop on its own. So, I would say that Nissan’s really pushing to grow with the technology that’s growing in our outside society. So, that’s something that I’ve noticed about the brand of Nissan itself.
    S1 11:21
    And the Nissan Kicks which is the newer one, right? Doesn’t that one have some sort of lane kind of deal where it kind of [crosstalk].
    S2 11:28
    Right. When you’re vehicle’s starting to shift over, the wheel automatically brings you back to the center lane if you will on its own.
    S1 11:37
    Okay. Okay. A la Tesla-like.
    S2 11:42
    Yeah. Definitely. Definitely.
    S1 11:43
    Wow. That’s pretty neat. Now, I haven’t seen the Kick personally and I think it kind of looks like the old Jukes, right?
    S2 11:49
    It looks like a Juke and a Rouge had a baby [laughter].
    S1 11:52
    Wow. Okay. Wow. That’s pretty graphic. I’m not sure exactly on how that would happen. Was it on the first date or did they date for a little bit?
    S2 12:01
    Third date. Third date.
    S1 12:02
    Third date. Okay. Third date. Wow. She’s still pretty quick [laughter]. She’s still pretty quick. But fair enough. So, ultimately– so, we talked–
    S2 12:11
    I would say, no, Nissan’s really pushing their technology as a brand I would say.
    S1 12:15
    Yeah. So, ultimately, we talked a little bit about tech. We talked a little bit about kind of your background. So, let’s go back to Sam for a second. So, where do you see Sam in the dealer space over the next six months maybe a year? So, what would you like to develop? Where would you like to take your career? Because people don’t understand, in the car business, it really is a career. It’s not really just a job. Like if you wanted a job, go work at McDonald’s or something but this is a career ultimately.
    S2 12:51
    Yeah. Just from an outsider– I mean, going to college and everybody talks about all these careers if you will and then when I got introduced to the car business, I’m like, “Okay. Nobody talks about the car business as a career but it’s definitely a career.” Different departments to grow and to learn starting from BDC and the Internet, then to finance, there’s stuff to learn in finance, even in parts and service and the service advisers and up in management, the desk managers, the general manager. So, there’s a lot of avenues. Something that I’ve liked, so far working here, I’ve had a couple opportunities to do a little bit of outside marketing going to represent Nissan of Duarte outside of the store and meeting new people, seeing new faces. Getting to represent the brand and the store and just meeting other people and find out what they’re doing and I try to ask a lot of questions of people in the business and outside the business to just learn other tactics that I could bring here to Nissan of Duarte and implement on my own. But yeah, I would definitely just say I just never realized there’s so much to learn here and there’s so much opportunity. So, just being her seven months, I could only imagine what am I going to do but yeah. Where do I see myself in seven months? I would like to meet more people outside of the dealership and market and see what other people are doing out there and meet other people to do business with them.
    S1 14:28
    Yeah and I think part of the value that you bring to this dealership specifically and to the auto industry is, again, just the fact that you’re a fresh take, you don’t come with 15 years or 20 years of old school mentality because, like I said, I believe that time is gone and past us just because the consumer has access to all that information anyways. So, to me that’s going to be the next evolution of the auto industry is it’s going to be that in-store process, that frictionless process, pulling back those layers, ultimately.
    S2 15:04
    Well, I’m sure when you were working in the dealership, I don’t think people were calling you and giving you a soft number and asking you questions about a specific stock.
    S1 15:13
    No, it didn’t work that way.
    S2 15:14
    Customers are calling in with the–
    S1 15:16
    I mean, if somebody wanted to see a car, they’d have to literally drive down to the dealership.
    S2 15:19
    Customers are calling in with a VIN and a stock and knowing the mileage and having the CarFax and asking about a specific accident or something that happened to the car and it’s like a chess game with your customer. It’s like you always want to be one step ahead but the technology’s actually a step ahead of us, a couple steps ahead of us. So, that’s allowing our customers to be ahead of us.
    S1 15:40
    Which I actually think– you would say that’s a good thing?
    S2 15:45
    On the technology side, I’d say that’s a great thing. For the dealership side, I don’t know.
    S1 15:52
    Yeah. That’s an emotional answer by the way. That’s an emotional answer. You know what I mean? I’m sure if you didn’t work here it’d be good, right? But, hey, listen, I totally get it. So, here’s what we’re going to do. So, that’s going to do it for this episode of Nissan of Duarte’s podcast. I want to give a big thanks to Samantha Sanchez for–
    S2 16:12
    Thank you.
    S1 16:13
    –allowing us the time and opportunity. We know she’s busy. She initially said that she was nervous but it wasn’t too bad, right?
    S2 16:20
    No, not at all.
    S1 16:20
    See, it’s just a conversation. So, as we continue to expand on these podcasts, we’ll continue to talk about how technology’s affecting the car business and we’re going to get deeper and deeper dive into the ins and outs of a dealership but for now, I’m excited. I’m excited to work with dealers that are looking to break ground and are looking to get away from that old school mentality of we can never talk to a manager or we’re not unwilling to open up our doors. So, with that being said, Sam, thank you–
    S2 16:50
    Thank you. Thank you guys for listening. Thank you for taking the time. Appreciate it.
    S1 16:55
    Appreciate your time. So, guys, thanks. Appreciate it and as always, stay blessed and be blessed.

    2018 Nissan Altima

    June 15, 2018 / 56 / Blog
    Nissan of Duarte Nissan Altima

    If you’re in the market for a comfortable and sophisticated sedan than the 2018 Nissan Altima is a great choice to consider. Few cars have a reputation for being as affordable and reliable as the Altima. Driving a car with this amount of style is always a great confidence boost and having a car that you know will get you where you want to go takes a lot of the stress out of daily life.

    The majority of Altimas comes equipped with 2.5-liter-four-cylinder engines with 179 horsepower, 177 pound-feet-torque and a continuously variable transmission. If you’re looking for a little more power you can choose the 3.5 liter V6. This option is unique for cars in this class and with 270 horsepower logs in as one of the most powerful vehicles in the mid-sized sedan field. For the money conscious consumer, however, the V4 remains the more fuel efficient option with 27 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the highway.

    In addition to the fantastic fuel mileage, the Altima handles smoothly which makes it a great choice for commuters. It’s responsive, steers well, and is easy to handle and maneuver. Visibility is great and presents no problems. If you still want a bit more of a sporty feel to your vehicle, than you can upgrade to the 2.5 SR edition.

    The exterior of the Altima is sleek, sophisticated and stylish. Perfect for making a subtle statement about your own sense of style. The Altima also fits right in the rest of the Nissan vehicles with the well known V shaped grille design and polished headlight housing. The Altima’s design is classic and should last for years into the future without ever feeling dated, tired, or old.

    When it comes to the interior, though, the Altima really sings. The car comfortably fits 5 with roomy seats that people of any body shape will find comfortable. Even the legroom is more than sufficient! The inclusion of Nissan’s Zero Gravity seats in the front are designed to help commuters travel long distances with ease. You can choose between standard cloth or optional leather. Either way, you can’t really go wrong as the interior style continues the same sophisticated style from the outside. You’ll always feel in a special class when riding in the Nissan.

    If you need to stow or transport a lot of belongings, you won’t have any problem with the size of the Altima’s trunk. It’s roomy and spacious and will easily hold all of our belongings and those of your passengers.

    The Altima is also well equipped with technology. The standard infotainment system come with a 5.0 inch color touchscreen and is easy for anyone to use. You won’t really discover many problems or complications with it. If you’re looking for more than a system that reads your text messages out to you or Siri Eyes Free (if you have an iphone), than you’ll want to consider the 3.5 SL where Android Auto and Apple CarPlay come standard. The top level trim 3.5 SL also comes with adaptive cruise control and an upgraded NissanConnect Standard Rearview camera. Every Altima, however, comes standard with a 4.0 LCD trip computer to provide valuable information on things like fuel economy, tire pressure, and even provide navigation directions.

    The Altima is well equipped with safety features to earn a reliable safety score in most tests. The Nissan Advanced Airbag System is equipped with six standard air bags including front seat side mounted supplemental airbags. The zone body construction of the vehicle means that when an accident does happen most of the impact is absorbed before it can affect you.

    For 2018, safety shield technology comes standard on all price levels. This automatic emergency braking system will first issue a warning to the driver if it senses an impending collision. If the driver fails to respond, the system goes ahead and applies the brakes itself. A forward collision warning system is also standard on all price levels now.

    Vehicle Dynamic Control means that when the car senses oversteer or understeer, it reduces engine power and applies the brakes. The Traction Control System senses wheelspin and responds by reducing throttle. There are a host of other great safety options available, though, to help you make sure you’ll always be fine on the road.

    The Altima is also equipped with a security system that can detect unwanted car intrusion and turn off the ignition if the original manufacturer’s key isn’t used so that you feel like your investment is protected at all times.

    The Altima comes in four trims with two engine choices. There are also four options packages that can be applied to the 2.5 models and help you get the vehicle you want.

    The 2018 Nissan Altima is a great choice if you’re looking to welcome a mid-sized sedan into your life.

    Which Frontier is For Me?

    June 3, 2018 / 47 / Blog
    Nissan Frontier

    Start anytime with a drive in a Nissan Frontier. This is the only way to find out if this versatile pickup truck is for you. It is not too small or large. It is the right size for carrying loads. It moves families around the neighborhood, handles long distance traveling, and looks quite smart on special occasions. Models are versatile with flip-up seats in the rear. The 4×4 Frontier PRO-4X is priced at $32,780.


    19/23 MPG
    4CYL/V6 Torque-171/281
    4CYL/V6 Horsepower-152/261

    The Nissan 2018 pickup stands highly recommended when measured by price range. Matched with a smooth looking interior design the Nissan pickup truck is an all-around vehicle to own, if trekking through the back country or styling at the finest restaurants, the 2018 Nissan will carry you and anyone you choose as a passenger in style.

    This mid-sized truck has detailed trims that hint at adventure. Go diving in the country, shopping or pull into the dock of a lumber company and you will find the 2018 Nissan Frontier is the truck for you.

    This truck is priced for truck buyers. Prices sit far below most brands, and it offers sound value while adding useful amenities. Get this truck for almost $2000 less than some brands on the market. Starting at $18,900 the Frontier is the best buy on the market. It works just as hard as the bigger trucks but does not work your budget as hard.

    The Toyota Tacoma sits at $25000. This makes the 2018 Nissan Frontier $6.000 less than this truck. The high-end Frontier sells for $32,000, and it is still priced $6000 to $8000 lower than the best Tacoma priced at $41,000 or Colorado at $41,355.

    The 2018 Nissan Frontier has remained a strong contender in the truck market. It has held the amenities from 2017, yet made the necessary updates for a try stylish product.

    These changes are carefully thought out in the design of this customer favorite. Listed as number three in truck sales in 2017, the Frontier faces off full-sized vehicles like the Ford F-150, Ram 1500, and Chevy Silverado. It ranked as number eight in overall sales against these heavy competitors.

    The 2018 Frontier provides a list of vehicle basics, cruise control, Siri Eyes, 5.0-inch access panel, and Bluetooth. Frontier pickup trucks for the 2018 year have as standard, backup cameras. Everything about the Frontier is on point, with The Midnight Edition entering into the market as a 4X4 and 4X2 Crew Cab 5 seater. Decorative components enhance the look of this well-built vehicle.

    S King Cab
    S- $18,900
    SV 4- Cylinder- $23,460
    Desert Runner-$25,900
    SV V6- $25,220
    Pro- 4X- $33,030

    Which Frontier is For Me?

    Anyone of the two body types in the 2018 Nissan Frontier design gives customers two drivetrains (4×4 or 4×2), and two engines, with a selection of trims. Choose from the 6-foot or five-foot box (four doors or 2). The exception to this body style is the SV Crew Cab with the 13” wheelbase (6-foot 1-inch compartment).

    2018 Nissan Frontier King Cab Models

    2018 Frontier S King Cab

    The popular Frontier S King Cab begins in price at $18,990. It features a manual transmission. However, for $22,410 customers can get the automatic. It pulls loads up to 3,760 pounds and has a gas mileage usage of 19 mpg city/23 highway. This truck is a four-door with four doors.

    Those preferring the Frontier S trim will find a fully equipped radio with CD player, 15-inch steel wheels, audio equipped with four speakers, and cloth seats. In addition, the back seat lifts for storage. For an additional $750, buyers get the Frontier S work truck package with bed rail cap, splash guards, rubber mats, and spray in bed liner.

    2018 Frontier Desert Runner King Cab

    This truck maintains the reputation of trucks with tough off-road abilities. It moves fast and handles trails easily. Built with an automatic transmission the Front Desert Runner King Cab carries 16-inch wheels made of aluminum, and Bilstein shocks. Ride comfortably in this truck with cloth seats and visible white-faced gauges. This two-wheel drive truck is an asset for active drivers.

    2018 Frontier PRO-4X King Cab

    The Frontier Pro-4X King Cab, list at the competitive price of $32,780, consumers can also obtain the 4×4 for great off-road performance. The SV V6 is sold with extras including an electronic locking rear.

    Frontier Crew Cab PRO-4X completes the package with $2,100 in premium equipment. Relax and drive sitting on leather seats with a driver’s seat positioning 8 ways. Rear view mirrors stay clear with heat elements, and there is a moonroof. This vehicle is stocked with special items, with a fold-down armrest increasing comfort.

    2018 Frontier SV V6 King Cab

    The Frontier SV V6 King Cab cost buyers with basic elements, $24,970 before additions. This truck moves with a 261 hp-V6 offering a 5-speed auto transmission.

    2018 Frontier SV King Cab 4-cylinder

    This truck is a smooth truck with an interior that feels luxurious; Satellite radio, power door locks, and auto key entry make this vehicle super nice at its $23,000 price tag.

    Advantages of a Used Nissan

    June 1, 2018 / 50 / Blog, Tips
    Certified used Nissan cars

    When it comes time to bring home a new vehicle, the truth is that you have options. While many people start thinking about bringing home something brand new, there are valid reasons to consider taking home a previously owned vehicle. Nissan vehicles, for example, are incredibly reliable and retain a lot of value through the years. A used Nissan vehicle might be the exact right choice for you.

    There are some clear advantages to bringing home a used Nissan that might spring to mind immediately. The first is that you’ll be able to save some money overall. A used vehicle starts out at a lower price than a brand new vehicle. If you’re looking to save money or trying to live on a budget, than opting for a used car is a great choice. Even when financing the car, your monthly payments will be lower making it possible for you to spend or save the money you’d otherwise be using. Additionally, insurance payments are likely to be much less with a used vehicle which will save you.

    Another reason a used Nissan is a great idea is that you may be able to get some of the upgrade options you can’t afford at the new price. Nissan vehicles typically offer many choices but sometimes these options end up making a car outside of your budget. So it’s a great idea to look at previously owned vehicles and see if you can get some of the things you wanted in a new model. Chances are that you’ll end up with some great options and features you wouldn’t have otherwise.

    Nissan vehicles are popular and will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. You see the Altima, the Rogue, and other vehicles like the Titan on the road all the time. People buy these cars for a reason…they are great! If a brand new vehicle is out of your budget than a used vehicle is a great way to get the car you really want. The Nissan Altima is one of the most stylish and comfortable mid-sized sedans on the market and purchasing that was previously owned by someone else can make this sophisticated car a part of your life. The Rogue is a popular sporty crossover and while the original price tag might be a bit steep for your own budget, a used one could make the cut. A Nissan Titan is an excellent truck for all of your hauling needs. There’s no reason to deny yourself the Nissan dream just because a brand new Nissan is out of reach.

    Another huge advantage to buying a used Nissan is the access you have to reviews already out there. We’ve established that Nissan vehicles are popular, so when you go to make a decision about which used Nissan to bring home you can check out all the reviews that other consumers have written about what works and what they love about the cars. Reading up on these reviews will help you feel much more informed when you do come in to the lot and see what’s available. Stay ahead of the curve and watch and see if a vehicle that matches what you are looking for becomes available.

    Having to bring your car to the shop for repairs frequently is a car owner’s nightmare. Being stranded on the side of the road is even worse. Fortunately, Nissan has a great track record for reliability. When you go to purchase a used car you definitely want something that won’t need to make frequent trips to the repair shop. With a Nissan, you can be confident that you’ll have a vehicle that will serve all your needs. Nissan owners don’t spend an overabundance of time in the repair shop and rarely make unscheduled repair shop visits.

    It can also be frustrating to have a car that loses its value quickly. Nissan vehicles, however, retain their value for a long time making them a great investment even when you buy them used. In fact, a Nissan doesn’t hit zero value until it has reached 195.593 miles.

    The same reasons you’re interested in a brand new Nissan will still be present in a used Nissan. The track record of safety will not go away just because another person owned the car before you did. Your Nissan will still be reliable. The style, sophistication, and prestige will still be a part of your experience with a vehicle that was owned by someone else before it became a part of your life. You can count on it retaining its value for a good long while. Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? We invite you to check out our used car inventory or call us today so that you can explore your options with a used Nissan!

    Should I Buy a New or Used Vehicle

    May 30, 2018 / 382 / Blog, New and Used
    2018 Nissan Rogue

    Brand New Nissan vs Certified Pre-Owned

    When it comes time to hit the road in a new Nissan, you may be wondering if you should purchase a new vehicle or go for something that has already traveled a few miles. It’s understandable that this is a question you’re considering. Purchasing a vehicle is a huge decision and you undoubtedly want to feel confident in your choice. There are pros and cons to both so you want to make sure you make the right decision. We’re here to break them down for you.

    A New Vehicle

    The idea of buying a new car can be really appealing for anyone. A new, shiny, fresh on the market car is something anyone would be proud to own. There are a lot of other considerations to take into account, though.

    Safety and Reliability

    A new car is going to be your most reliable bet for the near term. Because there is no wear and tear, your car will function at its absolute best. Whether you need it for a commute or for a cross country trip, you can depend on your vehicle to make the trip for you. Since your brand new car is accident and history free, you can also rely on it for safety metrics. While there is always a slim chance that any car can have a factory recall, you know that you are getting the latest and most innovative technology in car safety when you purchase a brand new car. If your concerns are specific or child related you can trust that you’ll be able to get the best technology on the market and tailor your vehicle to your needs.


    Strides are continually being made in the area of fuel economy and with a new car you can be sure that this situation will work out to your advantage. While you may be paying a little more for the vehicle overall, you will save money on fuel. With fuel prices in constant fluctuation, you will worry less about how an unexpected price hike might affect your situation. Gain satisfaction in knowing you are helping the environment as the newest cars on the market are also more friendly for our planet. There are a lot of new Nissan vehicles that will meet this standard and we’d be happy to talk to you in depth about them.


    There are more flexible options for financing a vehicle when you purchase a new one than when you purchase a used one. In general, it’s easier to secure financing for a new car rather than a used one. You might discover there are some choices that work more to your advantage in the long run. You may also be able to find some incentives based on your own position in life, whether you’re a student, active military and more. If you’re looking for flexibility when it comes to your financing options, notch a mark in favor of buying new.


    It’s important to do research for any vehicle you’ll buy. Your lifestyle is unique and you need a vehicle that will align with your goals and needs. When you purchase a brand new car, you’ll have the option to study the latest reviews from a variety of sources. Detailed analysis and comparison reviews are available for the latest models to hit the market. When you buy new, you don’t have to be concerned with what a vehicle has already been through. Buying a new car means buying into the potential of it. It can be liberating not to have to worry about the past history of a vehicle.

    Low Cost Maintenance

    Maintaining a new car is relatively inexpensive as well. You won’t be dealing with any major repairs for awhile. You only need to be concerned with minor upkeep issues at a normal level of wear and tear such as wipers and brakes. A warranty will cover any major disasters that may arise for at least the first 36,000 miles. Since repair costs need to be made as they occur, this can offer a great deal of peace of mind as well as savings. If you know you won’t have the cash to fix any potential repairs soon, a new car might be a good bet for you.

    Get the Latest Technology

    Like having the newest technology in your car? A new car will give the latest options available to drivers. Whether you prefer voice recognition, parking assistance, or touch screens, you’ll be able to get the very latest advancements in your new car. If you haven’t owned a modern car for awhile, you’ll be surprised the ease and comfort this can add to the driving experience.

    Show off Your Style

    There’s little in life that is as fun as flashing your style and that’s something you can absolutely do with a new car. Who doesn’t love driving a fresh off the lot car around town? It can be a status symbol and it can also boost your confidence on the road. Don’t downplay this important aspect of new car ownership, even if it doesn’t practically figure into your considerations.

    Pre-owned Vehicle

    Buying a new car sounds pretty great, but again every situation is unique. It is possible that taking home a preowned Nissan might be more to your advantage.


    It’s no secret that new cars lose their sticker value quickly. In fact, a new car may lose up to 50% of it’s value within the first three months. That can be a tough pill to swallow. So if you were looking to a new car as a straight up investment, you may want to reconsider looking at it this way.


    There are a lot options to choose from when it comes to buying a used car. If you’re looking for a car that isn’t available anymore or has features you can no longer find, the used market is going to be your a great option for you.

    Available Data

    Once a car has been on the market for awhile, you have a better chance of seeing how consumers have used it, liked it, and responded to it. You’ll understand the typical problem areas that the majority of owners face and you can decide if they will be manageable or a dealbreaker for you. Various sites provide even more data and you can pull a detailed vehicle report on a car you’re seriously considering.

    Save Money Overall

    In addition to the fact that you will save money by purchasing a preowned vehicle, you also have the opportunity to save money on insurance costs. This can even be a benefit that surprises you when the used car isn’t that old but still more affordable to insure than a brand new one. Add onto that the fact your registration fees will be cheaper for a used car and you’re in a good shape to save money!

    Get Some New Car Benefits

    If you purchase a car that is still relatively new, you may even inherit some of the existing warranty when applicable. Check your contract details or inquire at the dealership! We’ll be happy to talk about that with you. This can be a huge money and time saver for you.

    Cars Last a Long Time

    As technology improves, so does the length of a car’s life. You can still get several years out of a used car that is well maintained. Worrying that your used car will die an early death is no reason to shy away from a used car purchase. Cars last well past 100,00 miles

    A Car with Character

    While a new car may be customized and tailored to your lifestyle, a used vehicle comes with its own character. Instead of showing off a flashy style, instead you drive a car with personality and history.

    There is no absolute truth or right or wrong answer when it comes to buying a new or used vehicle. The right answer is going to depend on your own financial situation and your goals for your new (or new to you!) car. We’d be happy to help you with any more questions you may have about what the right vehicle choice is for you. Call us today!


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