Wheel Alignment at Nissan of Duarte


Wheel Alignment in Duarte, CA



Your tires take you where you need to go, mile after mile, day after day. As they travel over asphalt, gravel, or other terrains, the tread wears down and the alignment can change. Nissan of Duarte can help you care for your tires for maximum life and safety.

Caring for Your Tires

One of the easiest and most important things you can do for your tires is ensure they are properly inflated. Weather conditions, road problems, and other factors can change the tire pressure. If your tires don’t have enough air, they may have a higher risk of a flat. They can also reduce the fuel economy and wear out sooner. If they happen to be overinflated, it can take longer to stop and cause a rough ride.

When your tires are out of alignment, they can wear out sooner. Tires and wheels are meant to be aligned with the center of the road and vehicle. With a misalignment, they can lean into each other or be tilted outward.

Signs that an Alignment is Needed

Look at the tread on your tires to see if they are out of alignment. If you notice wear on one edge of the tire, the wheels may be leaning toward the vehicle or have a negative camber. When the wear is on the outer edge, the wheels are leaning away from the vehicle, which is known as positive camber.

If the tread if feathered, it indicates excessive tow. The toe is out if the feathering is inside while toe-in means the feathering is on the outside. Another thing to look for is wear on the diagonal, which indicates the alignment issue is on the rear. You see this most often on front-wheel drive models.

What Causes Poor Alignment?

Poor alignment can happen at any time as you drive your vehicle. If you hit a pothole or are in an accident, the wheels can become misaligned all at once. In other cases, it can happen slowly over time, such as driving over gravel every day. Not having your tires rotated on a regular basis can lead to poor alignment as well.

Bring Your Nissan to Nissan of Duarte for Alignment

If you notice your vehicle riding rough or uneven wear on your tires, schedule service at Nissan of Duarte. Our service technicians will check the alignment of your wheels with our machine. They will let you know if the wheels need to be realigned and whether it is a two-wheel or four-wheel alignment.

You can schedule an alignment online or give us a call to set up an appointment. Relax in our waiting area while you wait for your vehicle to be ready to go. If you need to drop your vehicle off for service, our shuttle will take you to work or home.

Don’t let a bad alignment provide a rough ride as you travel around Los Angeles or Pasadena. Trust Nissan of Duarte for all your tire needs, including tire rotation and wheel alignment.