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Summer is here and there is no better time to enjoy it then with driving a quality car. With much competition around, there is no shortage of options available. With this being a case there are nine reasons to buy a Nissan as your automobile of choice.

Anytime the name Nissan is spoken, the first thing that usually follows is that a Nissan is very dependable and long-lasting. For 470 plus years, Nissan has been the emblem of quality and magnificence in the automotive industry. With having high-quality centers around the world to test out the automobiles, Nissan is truly setting the standard for what it means to manifest high-quality vehicles that suit the interest of the consumers.

The Safety Shield concept is a trademark of Nissan and one to be noticed. With three separate functions to ensure the safety of all the occupants in the vehicle. With a Monitor, this allows the driver to be alerted of any potential danger by detecting them for the driver. Respond is a function designed in the Nissan vehicle to help the driver by enforcing response controls that are very dynamic. Protect is the last part of the three functions. With this part, Nissan uses highly innovated safety and restraint mechanisms to enhance the protection of all occupants of the vehicle. Monitor, Respond, and Protect are the three components of the famed Nissan Safety Shield.

With having Nissan Connect Technology, this is a system of audio, communication, and navigation into one place on the dash. This new technology even allows for the integration of apps from your mobile device with the Nissan Connect system. This is definitely the standard of hands-free control while driving an automobile.

When it comes to showing off in style there is no better choice than Nissan. From having the sleek Nissan Altima to the luxurious and sporty Z line, you are sure to feel magnificent and confident as you drive either choice. But the origination doesn’t stop there because the overbearing and tough Nissan Armadas and Titans are definitely showstoppers and rulers of the road as well. For the off-roading extraordinaire, the Nissan Xterra is definitely the choice of excitement for the high hills and terrain.

Pure Drive is the Nissan originated mark of approval. This means that each Nissan that has the Pure Drive stamp is made to decrease CO2 emissions as well as having a lower consumption of fuel. As Nissan continues to create new designs, the automotive giant is committed to engine efficiency as well by aiming such focus on the recovery systems of the engines in all models. With such a mark, Nissan has taken the world stage when it comes to automobile efficiency, satisfaction, and a commitment of excellence to the environment.

Nissan has always held the crown when it comes to dependability in each vehicle. Having value in every design, Nissan only uses the highest quality materials to build awesome vehicles. With technology advancing the world over at a high pace, Nissan is committed to keeping up with such trends. Adding great technology into each vehicle, Nissan also combines affordability as well. To have a greatly designed vehicle with the latest technology at an affordable price is nothing short of amazing today.

Whether a long trip or a short drive, it is not desirable to be cramped inside a vehicle. With Nissan’s chief designers, this concept has always been at the forefront when such cars are designed. Having very comfortable and back supportive front seats to those sitting in the back of the vehicle having great legroom are manifestations of excellence in designs. This was all done with an understanding that not just children ride in the backseat.

Aside from the iconic sedans of the Nissan family, the carmaker also has some rather fun and exciting vehicles in their lineup as well. With the Nissan 370Z, this is sure to be your favorite vehicle if you are on an open highway or driving around winding roads. The 370Z is a choice for the sports car admirers and has always made eyes open and heads turn when arriving on the scene.

Reviews are always a good thing to take a look at when deciding to purchase a new vehicle and Nissan is obviously the choice of champions. With many 5-star reviews for each model, Nissan has employed every means possible to bring about the ultimate customer experience. From having cutting-edge technology to a highly rated fuel economy system that is designed to consume less fuel and provide travelers with more distance per gallon of gas, Nissan has done everything possible to leave drivers with a feeling of awe and satisfaction upon deciding to purchase a Nissan vehicle.

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