2022 Nissan LEAF

2022 Nissan LEAF in Duarte, CA

2022 Nissan LEAF at Nissan of Duarte

Approaching its twelfth year of production, the Nissan LEAF returns to Nissan of Duarte as the brand’s flagship for their lineup of electric vehicles. While Nissan looks ahead to the future with exciting electric releases, they aren’t straying far from the tried-and-true greatness of the well-established Nissan LEAF. 2022 brings some exciting new features to the vehicle, which has granted a much higher spectrum of accessibility for those looking to go all-electric.  Residents from all over Los Angeles, West Covina, Azusa, Pasedena, and the entire region now have a wonderful electric-powered vehicle available at Nissan of Duarte.



New for 2022

The Nissan LEAF returns to 2022 with a ton of new features and options, making it the best choice among currently available electric vehicles. This year the LEAF comes back at a brand-new price point, making it among the cheapest of new electric vehicles available. Nissan makes the CHAdeMO charger available across all trims of the LEAF, granting it access to quick-charging stations across the nation. Another big feature for the LEAF is the brand-new addition of semi-autonomous driving mode found on the SV Plus trim level using Nissan Intelligent Mobility systems.

Spacious Interior Design

The Nissan LEAF remains a wonderfully compact sedan with room for the entire family. The interior dashboard is liberatingly simplified, with a touchscreen and digital driver informational display that gives you the ultimate control with an uncluttered presentation. The vehicle grants both driver and passengers a fair amount of head and shoulder room, and there is even space for all your stuff with a back row that folds flat for maximum access.

Advanced Assistive Features

Technology is at the forefront for the Nissan LEAF, with an 8” touchscreen returning with access to Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. With the 2022 LEAF, your smartphone acts as a remote for unlocking and locking your doors, controlling the interior climate, and so much more. Talk to your vehicle using voice commands so you never need to take your hands off the wheel. Even the available Bose sound system has gone green, with their new energy-efficient series that are placed strategically to use less power.

The Nissan LEAF has an extensive suite of safety features available, with new features that help you drive. The blind spot guidance system and lane tracing system can help guide your vehicle back into its lane when it detects an obstruction or accidental lane departure. The LEAF also has a 360-degree monitoring system so you can always see what’s around you.

All-Electric Power

The Nissan LEAF is powered by a 62KwH battery with a 160kW motor at 214 horsepower, which can allow you to travel up to a 226-mile range on a single charge. The vehicle comes equipped with a 6.6kW charger with the option for a quick charging outlet, allowing you to power up faster and travel further. You can feel the power of the Nissan LEAF instantaneously with the electric motor and brings you amazing handling with a completely quiet cabin.