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While it seems that tinting your car windows might only be cosmetically appealing, it actually merits other benefits worth considering. Tinting your car window comes with many benefits that are conducive to your health, safety, and the appearance of your car. More so, it also has functional and cost-effective benefits too.

Be sure to research the tinting laws in your state and local jurisdiction. Some forms of tinting are illegal. While fix-it tickets aren’t expensive, they are a pain to take care of.
Here are 10 benefits of tinting your car’s windows.

Driving can expose a great deal of sunlight leaving you vulnerable to the harmful effects of UV rays. While it is only a small part of sunlight, long exposures of UV rays can have harmful effects to your health. Regular windows allow for 100% of the sun to penetrate into the car and professionally installed tinted windows can protect up to 99% of UV rays.

1. Your Skin Will Hurt

The most dangerous effects of UV rays can cause skin cancer and premature aging on your skin. Sitting directly under the sun while driving can be very harmful. Tinting your windows can help you prolong or even avoid these diseases.

2. Worse for women.

Women may acquire autoimmune diseases due to UV ray exposure. According to a National Institute of Health, women respond differently to UV rays and may acquire harmful diseases, such as dermatomyositis, when exposed to it for long periods at a time. But just because its more common in women doesn’t mean the UV rays won’t affect men.

3. Help your eyes.

Your eyes will reap the benefit of tinting your car windows. Think about the difference between wearing sunglasses, versus not wearing a pair, on a hot sunny day. With sunglasses your eyes are more relaxed, you probably won’t have to squint or strain your eyes to see clearer.

4. Reduced glare from sunlight and headlights.

Speaking of seeing clearer, tinting your car windows will help deflect bright lights and glare from the sun. Even the lightest color tint can reduce the vibrate lights coming from your surroundings.

If the health benefits haven’t sold you, perhaps the safety benefits will.

5. Privacy

The obvious benefit is the privacy that tinted car windows provide. It shields outsiders from being able to see directly into the vehicle, therefore, can help protect your precious belongings while you are not around.

6. Keep the Interior Cool

The interior of your vehicle can reach up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit on a hot summer day. This can cause hazards’ such as second-degree burns for you and your passengers. If you are a parent of a car seat aged child, then you have probably experienced the painful process of putting a child in a hot car. The plastic and metal parts of the car seat can hurt your child if you are not careful. Tinting your window car decrease the temperature of the interior significantly.

7. Save Glass from Shattering

A tint is a film layered over a glass window. In an accident, the tint’s adhesive film can act as a glue that keeps the glass from shattering all over the place. This is definitely not the case for non-tinted windows.

8. Save Energy and Gas

There is an economic advantage with tinted windows. Simply put, when your car is cooler it will take less energy to cool the car, for that reason, you will utilize less fuel. This can reduce up to 60% of fuel cost.

Most people take a lot of pride in their investment and a car isn’t an exception. When tinted windows are installed correctly, the benefits it can actually maintain the value of the vehicle or even raise it.

9. The Sex Appeal

Yes, the appearance does matter. There is a romantic appeal to a tinted car. The mysterious and ambiguous vibe gravitates people towards it. Don’t believe me? Google two pictures of the same exact car, one tinted and one without, then tell me which one looks better.

10. Increased Interior Protection

Tinting your windows helps protect the interior. The high levels of heat can ruin the integrity of the interior prematurely. This can cause cracks in the leather seats and fade in the upholstery.

Don’t skimp on the professionals you hire. A poorly done tint job will leave your car looking very ugly. It will also decrease the value. Read reviews and ask around for professionals. The type of tint also matters. Be sure to pay for quality tint, now you know tinting is worth it.

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